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H A DAST.cpp56 Field::Field() function in class:Field
63 Field::Field(int m, Variable* v) function in class:Field
70 Field::~Field()
75 Field::GatherTypes(set<Type*>* types) const
81 Field::Write(FILE* to)
H A DAST.h96 struct Field : public ClassElement struct in inherits:ClassElement
103 Field();
104 Field(int modifiers, Variable* variable);
105 virtual ~Field();
H A Dapilint.py53 class Field(): class in inherits:
199 clazz.fields.append(Field(clazz, line, raw, blame))
645 warn(clazz, f, "FW6", "Field type violates package layering")
755 error(clazz, f, None, "Field type must not be heavy BitSet")
1061 error(prev_clazz, test, None, "Field removed or incompatible change")
H A Dslang_rs_export_type.h506 class Field { class in class:slang::RSExportRecordType
509 // Field name
517 Field(const RSExportType *T, function in class:slang::RSExportRecordType::Field
533 typedef std::list<const Field*>::const_iterator const_field_iterator;
543 std::list<const Field*> mFields;
576 inline const std::list<const Field*>& getFields() const { return mFields; }
590 for (std::list<const Field*>::iterator I = mFields.begin(),

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