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H A DAuthMatch.java15 public static final int Method = 0x02; field in class:AuthMatch
17 public static final int MethodParam = Method | Param;
18 public static final int Exact = Realm | Method | Param;
32 if ((match & Method) != 0) {
33 sb.append("Method");
H A DAST.cpp697 Method::Method() function in class:Method
706 Method::~Method()
711 Method::GatherTypes(set<Type*>* types) const
731 Method::Write(FILE* to)
H A DAST.h317 struct Method : public ClassElement struct in inherits:ClassElement
328 Method();
329 virtual ~Method();
H A Dapilint.py79 class Method(): class in inherits:
195 clazz.ctors.append(Method(clazz, line, raw, blame))
197 clazz.methods.append(Method(clazz, line, raw, blame))
295 warn(clazz, m, "S1", "Method names with acronyms should be getMtu() instead of getMTU()")
297 error(clazz, m, "S1", "Method name must start with lowercase char")
650 warn(clazz, m, "FW6", "Method return type violates package layering")
654 warn(clazz, m, "FW6", "Method argument type violates package layering")
1057 error(prev_clazz, test, None, "Method removed or incompatible change")
H A DRequest.java48 public interface Method { interface in class:Request
122 this(Method.DEPRECATED_GET_OR_POST, url, listener);
126 * Creates a new request with the given method (one of the values from {@link Method}),
141 * Return the method for this request. Can be one of the values in {@link Method}.

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