History log of /bionic/libc/bionic/pthread_internal.h
Revision Date Author Comments
42d949ff9d2956e25f84e537f43a8f93ecb37baf 07-Jan-2016 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Defend against -fstack-protector in libc startup.

Exactly which functions get a stack protector is up to the compiler, so
let's separate the code that sets up the environment stack protection
requires and explicitly build it with -fno-stack-protector.

Bug: http://b/26276517
Change-Id: I8719e23ead1f1e81715c32c1335da868f68369b5
952e9eb0866bc2061b671e8d6c90cae275eda6bd 25-Nov-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Don't use __thread in __cxa_thread_finalize().

Currently we use __thread variable to store thread_local_dtors,
which makes tsan test fork_atexit.cc hang. The problem is as below:
The main thread creates a worker thread, the worker thread calls
pthread_exit() -> __cxa_thread_finalize() -> __emutls_get_address()
-> pthread_once(emutls_init) -> emutls_init().
Then the main thread calls fork(), the child process cals
exit() -> __cxa_thread_finalize() -> __emutls_get_address()
-> pthread_once(emutls_init).
So the child process is waiting for pthread_once(emutls_init)
to finish which will never occur.

It might be the test's fault because POSIX standard says if a
multi-threaded process calls fork(), the new process may only
execute async-signal-safe operations until exec functions are
called. And exit() is not async-signal-safe. But we can make
bionic more reliable by not using __thread in

Bug: 25392375
Change-Id: Ife403dd7379dad8ddf1859c348c1c0adea07afb3
d26e780df66b9add4cf7e7ebb2f6c6749d1c5050 23-Oct-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Use bionic lock in pthread_internal_t.

It removes calling to pthread_mutex_lock() at the beginning of new
thread, which helps to support thread sanitizer.

Change-Id: Ia3601c476de7976a9177b792bd74bb200cee0e13
01030c24b0e3ace1b4cdaf415354e2f315f4f3a9 22-Sep-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Increase alternative signal stack size on 64-bit devices.

Bug: 23041777
Bug: 24187462
Change-Id: I7d84c0cc775a74753a3e8e101169c0fb5dbf7437
33ac04a215a70d2f39f1ddec1bba5a42c0fd8bee 22-Sep-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Increase alternative signal stack size on 64-bit devices.

Bug: 23041777
Bug: 24187462
Change-Id: I7d84c0cc775a74753a3e8e101169c0fb5dbf7437
ef115003012f61cf5539fdfeb201b98e4a92f610 31-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Revert "Revert "add guard pages to the internal signal stacks""

This reverts commit a3125fd1396a09a7fc4872dc4653f342150a3deb.
And Fix the prctl() problem that cause system crash.

Change-Id: Icc8d12d848cfba881a7984ca2827fd81be41f9fd
a3125fd1396a09a7fc4872dc4653f342150a3deb 31-Mar-2015 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "add guard pages to the internal signal stacks"

This reverts commit 595752f623ae88f7e4193a6e531a0805f1c6c4dc.

Change-Id: Iefa66e9049ca0424e53cd5fc320d161b93556dcb
595752f623ae88f7e4193a6e531a0805f1c6c4dc 29-Mar-2015 Daniel Micay <danielmicay@gmail.com> add guard pages to the internal signal stacks

Signal handlers tend to be lean, but can still overflow the (tiny)

Change-Id: Ia21c6453d92a9f8d1536ad01ff26a1a84c05f8fb
673b15e4ee2c6d99b150aedddc0f389e29f98e1b 19-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Let g_thread_list_lock only protect g_thread_list.

As glibc/netbsd don't protect access to thread struct members by a global
lock, we don't want to do it either. This change reduces the
responsibility of g_thread_list_lock to only protect g_thread_list.

Bug: 19636317
Change-Id: I897890710653dac165d8fa4452c7ecf74abdbf2b
a2db50d5d7fa67b297eddd1c0549f08ea4b6a950 20-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Fix alignment error for pthread_internal_t/pthread stack.

aligned attribute can only control compiler's behavior, but we
are manually allocating pthread_internal_t. So we need to make
sure of alignment manually.

Change-Id: Iea4c46eadf10dfd15dc955c5f41cf6063cfd8536
aec2bb5ec67637ec4b5374287e9bc0d572632054 20-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Fix two errors in pthread_detach.cpp.

The errors are introduced in "Make pthread join_state not protected by g_thread_list_lock".

Bug: 19636317
Change-Id: I58ae9711da94bfbac809abfd81311eeb70301a4b
2f836d4989845c0c82a1e4f99206fb0ff0d137a2 18-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Make __get_thread inlined.

Bug: 19825434

Change-Id: Ifb672a45a5776b83625a25654ed0d6f7fc368ae3
58cf31b50699ed9f523de38c8e943f3bbd1ced9e 07-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Make pthread join_state not protected by g_thread_list_lock.

1. Move the representation of thread join_state from pthread.attr.flag
to pthread.join_state. This clarifies thread state change.
2. Use atomic operations for pthread.join_state. So we don't need to
protect it by g_thread_list_lock. g_thread_list_lock will be reduced
to only protect g_thread_list or even removed in further changes.

Bug: 19636317
Change-Id: I31fb143a7c69508c7287307dd3b0776993ec0f43
9d0c79304d2413028aa5c213f7a567f00feccde5 06-Mar-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Remove PTHREAD_ATTR_FLAG_MAIN_THREAD.

Make this change because I think it is more reasonable to check stack info
in pthread_getattr_np. I believe pthread_attr_t is not tied with any thread,
and can't have a flag saying who using it is the main thread.
This change also helps refactor of g_thread_list_lock.

Bug: 19636317
Change-Id: Iedbb85a391ac3e1849dd036d01445dac4bc63db9
5e2bd719d7dd19afe55f8d4f24366c0230e0e6c7 21-Feb-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Refactor pthread_key.cpp to be lock-free.

Change-Id: I20dfb9d3cdc40eed10ea12ac34f03caaa94f7a49
19e246dda6772ffc532b1762cd7870d6c3b01c12 18-Dec-2014 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Fix possible leak in pthread_detach.

If pthread_detach() is called while the thread is in pthread_exit(),
it takes the risk that no one can free the pthread_internal_t.
So I add PTHREAD_ATTR_FLAG_ZOMBIE to detect this, maybe very rare, but
both glibc and netbsd libpthread have similar function.

Change-Id: Iaa15f651903b8ca07aaa7bd4de46ff14a2f93835
ba8dfc2669d658dc340eb8f9c9b40ca074f05047 06-Jan-2015 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Remove PTHREAD_ATTR_FLAG_USER_ALLOCATED_STACK.

Patch for https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/120844/.

Change-Id: Idca5ccd7b28e8f07f1d2d1b6e3bba6781b62f0e0
6a7aaf46759db32c6ed0eb953a4a230dc96af0d9 23-Dec-2014 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Reserve enough user request stack space in pthread_create.

Bug: 18830897
Change-Id: I1ba4aaeaf66a7ff99c5d82ad45469011171b0a3b
8cf1b305670123aed7638d984ca39bfd22388440 04-Dec-2014 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t

Add name to mmaped regions.
Add pthread benchmark code.
Allocate pthread_internal_t on regular stack.

Bug: 16847284
Change-Id: Id60835163bb0d68092241f1a118015b5a8f85069
8574a0670bf698b8d2f817098f9d825c4be03a68 02-Dec-2014 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.

Bug: 16847284
Change-Id: I488fa236f57aa3acb29b4ffbbab2fab51b0653be
5b8ceff5f87889e781c13305767e140afd28eb76 26-Nov-2014 Nicolas Geoffray <ngeoffray@google.com> Revert "Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t."

Unfortunately, this change provokes random crashes for ART, and
I have seen libc crashes on the device that might be related to it.

Reverting it fixes the ART crashes. there is unfortunately no
stack trace for the crashes, but just a "Segmentation fault" message.

This reverts commit cc5f6543e3f91385b9a912438965b7e8265df54a.

Change-Id: I68dca8e1e9b9edcce7eb84596e8db619e40e8052
cc5f6543e3f91385b9a912438965b7e8265df54a 25-Nov-2014 Yabin Cui <yabinc@google.com> Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.

Bug: 16847284
Change-Id: Ic8c85f95afac1d8422ecb69674c688d1fecb6a44
04303f5a8ab9a992f3671d46b6ee2171582cbd61 19-Sep-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Add semaphore tests, fix sem_destroy.

Bug: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=76088
Change-Id: I4a0561b23e90312384d40a1c804ca64ee98f4066
a4831cb4a3f44b93788488db8ff9ea76613f0355 12-Sep-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Add pthread_gettid_np and re-expose __get_thread for LP32.

A lot of third-party code calls the private __get_thread symbol,
often as part of a backport of bionic's pthread_rwlock implementation.
Hopefully this will go away for LP64 (since you're guaranteed the
real implementation there), but there are still APIs that take a tid
and no way to convert between a pthread_t and a tid. pthread_gettid_np
is a public API for that. To aid the transition, make __get_thread
available again for LP32.

(cherry-pick of 27efc48814b8153c55cbcd0af5d9add824816e69.)

Bug: 14079438
Change-Id: I43fabc7f1918250d31d4665ffa4ca352d0dbeac1
27efc48814b8153c55cbcd0af5d9add824816e69 12-Sep-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Add pthread_gettid_np and re-expose __get_thread for LP32.

A lot of third-party code calls the private __get_thread symbol,
often as part of a backport of bionic's pthread_rwlock implementation.
Hopefully this will go away for LP64 (since you're guaranteed the
real implementation there), but there are still APIs that take a tid
and no way to convert between a pthread_t and a tid. pthread_gettid_np
is a public API for that. To aid the transition, make __get_thread
available again for LP32.

Bug: 14079438
Change-Id: I43fabc7f1918250d31d4665ffa4ca352d0dbeac1
11bf8a3025a7b5aee891c521255a7db1860e5b12 30-Jul-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Only wipe TLS for user-supplied stacks.

Bug: 16667988

(cherry picked from commit 40a521744825b6060960c296d5fb3da4c6593d94)

Change-Id: I7550fa47b76e643323aa3e2a53529e393c829e47
40a521744825b6060960c296d5fb3da4c6593d94 30-Jul-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Only wipe TLS for user-supplied stacks.

Bug: 16667988
Change-Id: Id180ab2bc6713e1612386120a306db5bbf1d6046
7086ad6919feb2415c6027163f5c63323bcca27c 20-Jun-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Cache getpid.

In practice, with this implementation we never need to make a system call.
We get the main thread's tid (which is the same as our pid) back from
the set_tid_address system call we have to make during initialization.
A new pthread will have the same pid as its parent, and a fork child's
main (and only) thread will have a pid equal to its tid, which we get for
free from the kernel before clone returns.

The only time we'd actually have to make a getpid system call now is if
we take a signal during fork and the signal handler calls getpid. (That,
or we call getpid in the dynamic linker while it's still dealing with its
own relocations and hasn't even set up the main thread yet.)

Bug: 15387103
Change-Id: I6d4718ed0a5c912fc75b5f738c49a023dbed5189
b30aff405a220495941f1673b0a5e66c4fa8b84c 28-May-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "Revert "Lose the hand-written futex assembler.""

The problem with the original patch was that using syscall(3) means that
errno can be set, but pthread_create(3) was abusing the TLS errno slot as
a pthread_mutex_t for the thread startup handshake.

There was also a mistake in the check for syscall failures --- it should
have checked against -1 instead of 0 (not just because that's the default
idiom, but also here because futex(2) can legitimately return values > 0).

This patch stops abusing the TLS errno slot and adds a pthread_mutex_t to
pthread_internal_t instead. (Note that for LP64 sizeof(pthread_mutex_t) >
sizeof(uintptr_t), so we could potentially clobber other TLS slots too.)

I've also rewritten the LP32 compatibility stubs to directly reuse the
code from the .h file.

This reverts commit 75c55ff84ebfa686c7ae2cc8ee431c6a33bd46b4.

Bug: 15195455
Change-Id: I6ffb13e5cf6a35d8f59f692d94192aae9ab4593d
1728b2396591853345507a063ed6075dfd251706 14-May-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Switch to g_ for globals.

That's what the Google style guide recommends, and we're starting
to get a mix.

Change-Id: Ib0c53a890bb5deed5c679e887541a715faea91fc
4b558f50a42c97d461f1dede5aaaae490ea99e2e 05-Mar-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Rewrite the POSIX timer functions.

This is a much simpler implementation that lets the kernel
do as much as possible.

Co-authored-by: J├Ârgen Strand <jorgen.strand@sonymobile.com>
Co-authored-by: Snild Dolkow <snild.dolkow@sonymobile.com>
Change-Id: Iad19f155de977667aea09410266d54e63e8a26bf
0e714a5b41451e84c5ded93a42c9a4b0a9440691 04-Mar-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Implement POSIX pthread_mutex_timedlock.

This replaces the non-standard pthread_mutex_lock_timeout_np, which we have
to keep around on LP32 for binary compatibility.

Change-Id: I098dc7cd38369f0c1bec1fac35687fbd27392e00
cef3faec0ea40fdfe58e425fd0be64f00de6a26d 20-Nov-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Clean up pthread_internal_t.

Bug: 11755300
Change-Id: Ib509e8c5ec6b23513aa78b5ac5141d7c34ce2dc8
36d6188f8cd8b948fb797f11d9620d63d0c2215a 19-Nov-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Clean up forking and cloning.

The kernel now maintains the pthread_internal_t::tid field for us,
and __clone was only used in one place so let's inline it so we don't
have to leave such a dangerous function lying around. Also rename
files to match their content and remove some useless #includes.

Change-Id: I24299fb4a940e394de75f864ee36fdabbd9438f9
877ec6d90418ff1d6597147d355a2229fdffae7e 16-Nov-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix pthread_join.

Let the kernel keep pthread_internal_t::tid updated, including
across forks and for the main thread. This then lets us fix
pthread_join to only return after the thread has really exited.

Also fix the thread attributes of the main thread so we don't
unmap the main thread's stack (which is really owned by the
dynamic linker and contains things like environment variables),
which fixes crashes when joining with an exited main thread
and also fixes problems reported publicly with accessing environment
variables after the main thread exits (for which I've added a new
unit test).

In passing I also fixed a bug where if the clone(2) inside
pthread_create(3) fails, we'd unmap the child's stack and TLS (which
contains the mutex) and then try to unlock the mutex. Boom! It wasn't
until after I'd uploaded the fix for this that I came across a new
public bug reporting this exact failure.

Bug: 8206355
Bug: 11693195
Bug: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=57421
Bug: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=62392
Change-Id: I2af9cf6e8ae510a67256ad93cad891794ed0580b
e48b68570d872ef7ece1d873c0ea298ea76393f3 15-Nov-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Clean up the pthread_create trampoline.

Bug: 8206355
Bug: 11693195
Change-Id: I35cc024d5b6ebd19d1d2e45610db185addaf45df
70b24b1cc2a1a4436b1fea3f8b76616fdcb27224 15-Nov-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Switch pthread_create over to __bionic_clone.

Bug: 8206355
Bug: 11693195
Change-Id: I04aadbc36c87e1b7e33324b9a930a1e441fbfed6
c3f114037dbf028896310609fd28cf2b3da99c4d 30-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> <pthread.h> fixes and pthread cleanup.

<pthread.h> was missing nonnull attributes, noreturn on pthread_exit,
and had incorrect cv qualifiers for several standard functions.

I've also marked the non-standard stuff (where I count glibc rather
than POSIX as "standard") so we can revisit this cruft for LP64 and
try to ensure we're compatible with glibc.

I've also broken out the pthread_cond* functions into a new file.

I've made the remaining pthread files (plus ptrace) part of the bionic code
and fixed all the warnings.

I've added a few more smoke tests for chunks of untested pthread functionality.

We no longer need the libc_static_common_src_files hack for any of the
pthread implementation because we long since stripped out the rest of
the armv5 support, and this hack was just to ensure that __get_tls in libc.a
went via the kernel if necessary.

This patch also finishes the job of breaking up the pthread.c monolith, and
adds a handful of new tests.

Change-Id: Idc0ae7f5d8aa65989598acd4c01a874fe21582c7
2b6e43e00ece68b3aba26d8f95f07cd9d9294ab4 30-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Explain the sigprocmask in pthread_exit.

Also remove the SIGSEGV special case, which was probably because
hand-written __exit_with_stack_teardown stubs used to try to cause
SIGSEGV if the exit system call returned (which it never does, so
that dead code disappeared).

Also move the sigprocmask into the only case where it's necessary ---
the one where we unmap the stack that would be used by a signal

Change-Id: Ie40d20c1ae2f5e7125131b6b492cba7a2c6d08e9
eb847bc8666842a3cfc9c06e8458ad1abebebaf0 10-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix x86_64 build, clean up intermediate libraries.

The x86_64 build was failing because clone.S had a call to __thread_entry which
was being added to a different intermediate .a on the way to making libc.so,
and the linker couldn't guarantee statically that such a relocation would be

ld: error: out/target/product/generic_x86_64/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libc_common_intermediates/libc_common.a(clone.o): requires dynamic R_X86_64_PC32 reloc against '__thread_entry' which may overflow at runtime; recompile with -fPIC

This patch addresses that by ensuring that the caller and callee end up in the
same intermediate .a. While I'm here, I've tried to clean up some of the mess
that led to this situation too. In particular, this removes libc/private/ from
the default include path (except for the DNS code), and splits out the DNS
code into its own library (since it's a weird special case of upstream NetBSD
code that's diverged so heavily it's unlikely ever to get back in sync).

There's more cleanup of the DNS situation possible, but this is definitely a
step in the right direction, and it's more than enough to get x86_64 building

Change-Id: I00425a7245b7a2573df16cc38798187d0729e7c4
50af69e8f326b2762a44d5fea2b118e7616e5d20 14-Sep-2013 Brian Carlstrom <bdc@google.com> Simplify main thread stack size initialization

Change-Id: Iec09433d9de501031cce09dc75848a5e8f3d96bf
4cf13952175a793fed4646d7d7396364874b0909 20-Jul-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Move stuff only needed by pthread-timers.c into pthread-timers.c.

Change-Id: I4915b3fff9c4f5a36b4f51027fb22019c11607b0
84114c8dd5b17efecf7988f263ce431208d7be5a 17-Jul-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Improve stack overflow diagnostics (take 2).

This reverts commits eb1b07469f2b5a392dc1bfd8adc211aea8c72bc5 and
d14dc3b87fbf80553f1cafa453816b7f11366627, and fixes the bug where
we were calling mmap (which might cause errno to be set) before
__set_tls (which is required to implement errno).

Bug: 8557703
Change-Id: I2c36d00240c56e156e1bb430d8c22a73a068b70c
eb1b07469f2b5a392dc1bfd8adc211aea8c72bc5 17-Jul-2013 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> Revert "Clean up our alternate signal stacks."

This reverts commit 5cf87951abd23b0b3ebf159e8aa06b02e39527ca.

Change-Id: Idd6ca7d80a018755da3bd315d91193723ce7f3bf
5cf87951abd23b0b3ebf159e8aa06b02e39527ca 16-Jul-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Clean up our alternate signal stacks.

Bug: 8557703
Change-Id: Ie93901dd1c29e9d3bf795b0f0400616d9ef08f75
0f020d18b138e24b1fe34074808e07ac412f35a4 06-Jun-2013 msg555 <msg555@gmail.com> Handles spurious wake-ups in pthread_join()

Removed 'join_count' from pthread_internal_t and switched to using the flag
PTHREAD_ATTR_FLAG_JOINED to indicate if a thread is being joined. Combined with
a switch to a while loop in pthread_join, this fixes spurious wake-ups but
prevents a thread from being joined multiple times. This is fine for
two reasons:

1) The pthread_join specification allows for undefined behavior when multiple
threads try to join a single thread.

2) There is no thread safe way to allow multiple threads to join a single
thread with the pthread interface. The second thread calling pthread_join
could be pre-empted until the thread is destroyed and its handle reused for
a different thread. Therefore multi-join is always an error.

Bug: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=52255
Change-Id: I8b6784d47620ffdcdbfb14524e7402e21d46c5f7
36fa67bcdd90f18a3c68f8637ae836762407fa51 06-Jun-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Ensure header files using __BEGIN_DECLS include sys/cdefs.h.

We keep fixing these one-by-one; let's fix them all at once.

Found thus:

find . -name *.h | xargs grep -L sys/cdefs.h | xargs grep -l BEGIN_DECL | xargs grep -L sys/types

Change-Id: I188842aa2484dc6176e96556d57c38a0f785b59b
9d23e04c43dbb8480bea8be28b8a2f37423bec49 16-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix pthreads functions that should return ESRCH.

imgtec pointed out that pthread_kill(3) was broken, but most of the
other functions that ought to return ESRCH for invalid/exited threads
were equally broken.

Change-Id: I96347f6195549aee0c72dc39063e6c5d06d2e01f
40eabe24e4e3ae8ebe437f1f4e43cf39cbba2e9e 15-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix the pthread_setname_np test.

Fix the pthread_setname_np test to take into account that emulator kernels are
so old that they don't support setting the name of other threads.

The CLONE_DETACHED thread is obsolete since 2.5 kernels.

Rename kernel_id to tid.

Fix the signature of __pthread_clone.

Clean up the clone and pthread_setname_np implementations slightly.

Change-Id: I16c2ff8845b67530544bbda9aa6618058603066d
6d339182070b035ca94f19bc37c94f4d9813c374 13-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Simplify pthread_create, using more public API.

Change-Id: I08e65ba88ed01436223e4e528631c9e41ec0e7f4
3e898476c7230b60a0f76968e64ff25f475b48c0 12-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "Revert "More pthreads cleanup.""

This reverts commit 6f94de3ca49e4ea147b1c59e5818fa175846518f

(Doesn't try to increase the number of TLS slots; that leads to
an inability to boot. Adds more tests.)

Change-Id: Ia7d25ba3995219ed6e686463dbba80c95cc831ca
6f94de3ca49e4ea147b1c59e5818fa175846518f 12-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "More pthreads cleanup."

This reverts commit 2a1bb4e64677b9abbc17173c79768ed494565047

Change-Id: Ia443d0748015c8e9fc3121e40e68258616767b51
2a1bb4e64677b9abbc17173c79768ed494565047 11-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> More pthreads cleanup.

POSIX says pthread_create returns EAGAIN, not ENOMEM.

Also pull pthread_attr_t functions into their own file.

Also pull pthread_setname_np into its own file.

Also remove unnecessary #includes from pthread_key.cpp.

Also account for those pthread keys used internally by bionic,
so they don't count against the number of keys available to user
code. (They do with glibc, but glibc's limit is the much more
generous 1024.)

Also factor out the common errno-restoring idiom to reduce gotos.

Bug: 6702535
Change-Id: I555e66efffcf2c1b5a2873569e91489156efca42
44b53ad6818de344e0b499ad8fdbb21fcb0ff2b6 11-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "Revert "Pull the pthread_key_t functions out of pthread.c.""

This reverts commit 6260553d48f6fd87ca220270bea8bafdde5726ec

(Removing the accidental libm/Android.mk change.)

Change-Id: I6cddd9857c31facc05636e8221505b3d2344cb75
6260553d48f6fd87ca220270bea8bafdde5726ec 11-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "Pull the pthread_key_t functions out of pthread.c."

This reverts commit ad59322ae432d11ff36dcf046016af8cfe45fbe4

somehow my unfinished libm/Android.mk change got into here.

Change-Id: I46be626c5269d60fb1ced9862f2ebaa380b4e0af
ad59322ae432d11ff36dcf046016af8cfe45fbe4 09-Feb-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Pull the pthread_key_t functions out of pthread.c.

This was originally motivated by noticing that we were setting the
wrong bits for the well-known tls entries. That was a harmless bug
because none of the well-known tls entries has a destructor, but
it's best not to leave land mines lying around.

Also add some missing POSIX constants, a new test, and fix
pthread_key_create's return value when we hit the limit.

Change-Id: Ife26ea2f4b40865308e8410ec803b20bcc3e0ed1
4f251bee5d51228217c1bf4dfc9219f3058bd3ed 02-Nov-2012 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Don't corrupt the thread list if the main thread exits.

...and don't pass a non-heap pointer to free(3), either.

This patch replaces the "node** prev" with the clearer "node* prev"
style and fixes the null pointer dereference in the old code. That's
not sufficient to fix the reporter's bug, though. The pthread_internal_t*
for the main thread isn't heap-allocated --- __libc_init_tls causes a
pointer to a statically-allocated pthread_internal_t to be added to
the thread list.

Bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=37410
Change-Id: I112b7f22782fc789d58f9c783f7b323bda8fb8b7
ae8eb74675722b57ab66a51f1d6f4f250137bb23 27-Oct-2012 Xi Wang <xi.wang@gmail.com> Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference in _init_thread().

The first NULL pointer check against `attr' suggests that `attr' can
be NULL. Then later `attr' is directly dereferenced, suggesting the

if (attr == NULL) {
} else {
if (attr->stack_base == ...) { ... }

The public API pthread_create(3) allows NULL, and interprets it as "default".
Our implementation actually swaps in a pointer to the global default
pthread_attr_t, so we don't need any NULL checks in _init_thread. (The other
internal caller passes its own pthread_attr_t.)

Change-Id: I0a4e79b83f5989249556a07eed1f2887e96c915e
Signed-off-by: Xi Wang <xi.wang@gmail.com>
5419b9474753d25dff947c7740532f86d130c0be 17-Oct-2012 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Make dlerror(3) thread-safe.

I gave up trying to use the usual thread-local buffer idiom; calls to
calloc(3) and free(3) from any of the "dl" functions -- which live in
the dynamic linker -- end up resolving to the dynamic linker's stubs.
I tried to work around that, but was just making things more complicated.
This alternative costs us a well-known TLS slot (instead of the
dynamically-allocated TLS slot we'd have used otherwise, so no difference
there), plus an extra buffer inside every pthread_internal_t.

Bug: 5404023
Change-Id: Ie9614edd05b6d1eeaf7bf9172792d616c6361767
bfeab1bbe7e8d0c08b7e3f46aedab64e3b2bf706 06-Sep-2012 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Don't corrupt the thread list in static executables.

Several previous changes conspired to make a mess of the thread list
in static binaries. This was most obvious when trying to call
pthread_key_delete(3) on the main thread.

Bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=36893
Change-Id: I2a2f553114d8fb40533c481252b410c10656da2e
d0c884d3595ecca03c3e70de9909c090cd5f9cae 22-Feb-2012 Pierre Peiffer <pierre.peiffer@stericsson.com> Let pthread_create fail if schedparam can't be set

The creation of a thread succeeds even if the requested scheduling
parameters can not be set. This is not POSIX compliant, and even
worse, it leads to a wrong behavior. Let pthread_create() fail in this

Change-Id: Ice66e2a720975c6bde9fe86c2cf8f649533a169c
Signed-off-by: Christian Bejram <christian.bejram@stericsson.com>
1a78fbb5c8228e4aea2a516818828b76044310f2 22-Mar-2012 Evgeniy Stepanov <eugenis@google.com> Initialize TLS before any application code is run.

Since e19d702b8e33, dlsym and friends use recursive mutexes that
require the current thread id, which is not available before the libc
constructor. This prevents us from using dlsym() in .preinit_array.

This change moves TLS initialization from libc constructor to the earliest
possible point - immediately after linker itself is relocated. As a result,
pthread_internal_t for the initial thread is available from the start.

As a bonus, values stored in TLS in .preinit_array are not lost when libc is

Change-Id: Iee5a710ee000173bff63e924adeb4a4c600c1e2d
4f086aeb4aa06e13079b7fec71a8178ceeacf318 25-Jun-2010 Matt Fischer <matt.fischer@garmin.com> Implemented pthread_atfork()

Change-Id: Ie6c0bf593315d3507b3c4a6c8903a74a1fa053db
3a654b1e04d4275ae315cfe1b196998acf10052c 03-Jun-2009 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Revert "Fix the C library initialization to avoid calling static C++ constructors twice."

This reverts commit 03eabfe65e1e2c36f4d26c78a730fa19a3bdada3.
03eabfe65e1e2c36f4d26c78a730fa19a3bdada3 28-May-2009 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Fix the C library initialization to avoid calling static C++ constructors twice.

The problem was due to the fact that, in the case of dynamic executables,
the dynamic linker calls the DT_PREINIT_ARRAY, DT_INIT and DT_INIT_ARRAY
constructors when loading shared libraries and dynamic executables,
*before* calling the executable's entry point (i.e. arch-$ARCH/bionic/crtbegin_dynamic.c)
which in turns call __libc_init() in libc.so, as defined by bionic/libc_init_dynamic.c

The latter did call these constructors array again, mistakenly.

The patch also updates the documentation of many related functions.

Also adds a new section to linker/README.TXT explaining restrictions on
C library usage.

The patch has been tested on a Dream for stability issues with
proprietary blobs:

- H264 decoding works
- Camera + Video recording works
- GPS works
- Sensors work

The tests in system/extra/tests/bionic/libc/common/test_static_cpp_mutex.cpp has been
run and shows the static C++ constructor being called only once.
1dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
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