History log of /frameworks/av/camera/CameraParameters2.cpp
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02bf03287652923b5bb5316667b065423565d6b4 18-Feb-2016 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera: Clean up warnings and set -Werror

- Also fix error logging template inconsistency
- Also add a few error handling cases into camera2 NDK
to deal with previously-ignored error codes

Bug: 27149500
Change-Id: I8f1f4c72252dd48d652f24b595b642199f20c327
0b88a62d4d5ac1e515721e587cdf9bcec191812b 19-Mar-2014 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> camera: Fix setParameters for Preview FPS single/range values

As a workaround, duplicate CameraParameters into CameraParameters2 to
prevent ABI break for some camera HALs that directly link into

CameraParameters2 implements the real fixes needed in the framework,
while CameraParameters is left in to satisfy older camera HALs.

Bug: 12609188
Bug: 16654949
Change-Id: I82ea6f5de2183dd046d4bf5683600c97f37ab4da