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90855078eb989944bca1824058d7231cd68e5021 21-Feb-2011 Henrik B Andersson <henrikb.andersson@sonyericsson.com> Bug fixes in OMA DRM v1 Forward Lock Agent

A couple of fixes in the Forward Lock Agent.
The DRM Framework isn't thread safe so the Forward Lock Agent needs
to protect the private structures.
Base64-encoded content with LF-only instead of CRLF line breaks is now
A fix for non-standard boundary characters.
The debug prints are also turned off as default.

Change-Id: I8ab417231380fbe1c371d18a147773ceabc6f69f
fdd65a0fc7df2c878cc601e4c0f4021cb264f051 05-Jan-2011 Pravat Dalbehera <pravat.dalbehera@sonyericsson.com> Initial OMA DRM forward lock contribution

OMA DRM forward lock agent is plugged into the
Open DRM framework. Forward lock agent implementation contains:
- Forward lock engine to communicate with framework
- Converter to encrypt the original file into a special format
- Decoder to feed the decrypted data for rendering
- Lightweight unique key-encryption mechanism
- Documentation

Change-Id: Id828ebc30b8147b58b14960a73571648bc01ae94