History log of /frameworks/av/media/img_utils/src/FileInput.cpp
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191367e5d2b301f692c4561f252ee462635613a1 25-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> Img_utils: Fix "unused" variables

For build-system CFLAGS clean-up, fix unused variables.

Change-Id: I589a73780f022271fce40f64305b29a84c382e5f
4510de26e5361f3a9f07057ec6f26483c888c1fa 29-May-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> DNG: Update TiffWriter to handle thumbnails and SubIfds.

- Fix SubIfd handling.
- Add StripSources, convenience functions for writing image strips.
- Update Input classes to use with JNI.
- Add skip method.
- Add tag definitions for GPS tags.
- Add name string to tag definitions.

Bug: 15112503

Change-Id: I9535b21261027f6c06a041c1621de8f865a0ad32
e507721000647a7d8afe44c63ef7fd04ef8971b1 29-Apr-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera2: Adding TIFF writing utilities.

Adds a native image utilities library with support for:
- Writing TIFF 6.0 and TIFF EP compliant file headers.
- Additional tags defined in EXIF 2.3 and DNG 1.4 specs.

Change-Id: I7a4fef74bd5254d92baf08a3cf61af5de1b7ca83