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5fd7d3a23316ec0d2320fece85201859b52c2aef 13-Jun-2012 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Better handle invalid duration in Xing/VBRI tags


Change-Id: Ie92eddd84ef5914b77dbadaacd80b4de6cd66e1c
b636abde14f2612ea236257846b9ab15d87d4623 19-Mar-2012 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Parse mp3 encoder padding/delay

Get the mp3 encoder padding and delay from a XING frame or iTunSMPB tag.

Change-Id: Icde598c8857d7e7c187a718f478ee9799d6a1b8a
9e50385f34676d8fcb3b473ec4c9f5c388a4c887 16-Mar-2012 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Skip XING/VBRI frame when decoding

Don't send the XING/VBRI frame to the decoder, as it will result in
extra data being output. Also clean up the XING seeker code a bit.

Change-Id: I714a94180edae9bedc1bc0c96bf382fe6f928ac6
5102400104ce1f0a6de7bf913381a91e4f18a22a 15-Mar-2012 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Fix Xing seeking when TOC[0] == 0

A file purchased from the Amazon mp3 store had two 0 entries at the
start of the TOC (presumably because there was a lot of silence at
the beginning, which compresses well), which made TOC based seeking
think the TOC was not valid.

Change-Id: Ie7135b4af06ebb925f63a374be780cf3a9404347
6fb40672ac0f0b2f479367fa0ba4e8944df06dad 15-Jul-2011 Gloria Wang <gwang@google.com> Use unsigned char to store table of contents retrieved from XING header.
Our compiler treats char default to unsigned (trygon-eng on master branch).
If I force "signed char" for the table of contents array, some MediaFramework
tests for VBR mp3 would fail.

Change-Id: I725e2d4dfe57ff36fdb1d65fe3184f7ab41ad695
7c1bc4cb2260f666a2fba9e64bb9de95121f0b22 24-Apr-2011 Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com> Remove log spam

Change-Id: I3182576158c7c0410c19036a580fd46c6ab079f9
Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com>
c7fc37a3dab9bd1f96713649f351b5990e6316ff 16-Nov-2010 James Dong <jdong@google.com> 64-bit file size/offset support for media framework

Change-Id: I3452bc2c0f1d990cc67285df2fce1f9f86ff8e10
4456da54bcd206ed1f518c69cc959ca65a179c83 09-Nov-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Some refactoring and added support for another form of vbr headers.

related-to-bug: 3172324

Change-Id: Ic364da09eac7f0a815f9ceb719b6baa8a76e3730