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83d9698ce5825566a8621f93c58721d0745fd55f 07-Jul-2016 Wei Jia <wjia@google.com> MediaExtractor: add DrmInitialization in IDataSource.

Bug: 28901867
Change-Id: Ic33dc8dc2f5f36239e057d2f2aceeb7738eef968
(cherry picked from commit 2a5e49c984befa066e966cd9af2303a54976f163)
69d3d8a9540b0da787ea0beccad2517f057dd54d 07-Mar-2016 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Expand mediaextractor dumpsys

Bug: 22775369
Change-Id: I3366a52ba7a00d1685a2211465f2f18f143d0efc
fbe7fcfe818b6f68e352c7c450d4fe15a543b801 05-Apr-2016 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Close MediaDataSource on extractor/retriever release

instead of waiting for garbage collection.

Bug: 26911216
bug: 26741307
Change-Id: I79010066962a1bdb9cb8bf74ba9a7997abb82fd4
10551fcd58b3807fc7351d88e6127ec227b993d1 27-Jan-2016 Wei Jia <wjia@google.com> IDataSource: add getFlags() to expose DataSource::flags().

This will let MPEG4Extractor cache stbl data. Therefore it can avoid data
flushing in data source (NuCachedSource2) due to reading stbl and access
unit data alternatively when the stream is larger than max cache size.

Bug: 26533748
Change-Id: Ia534755ab9130e4dcee94d53ca3c933d1b9eb566
da7e453e1d1c77959822cf9602ddfed1c50be445 07-Apr-2015 Chris Watkins <watk@google.com> stagefright: add a 2kb cache for CallbackDataSource.

Without a cache the mediaserver does a lot of small reads which result
in round trips through binder and jni to the app MediaDataSource.

On a Nexus 5 I measured time to first frame from MediaPlayer for
1) 1350kbps h264, and 2) 20480kbps vp8. Without a cache, MediaDataSource
was ~250ms slower than an fd. With a 2kb cache it's 30ms slower for (1)
and 70ms slower for (2).

Change-Id: If1e811db7b853c4f79430603318d4744ac30acb9
99f31604136d66ae10e20669fb6b5716f342bde0 20-Mar-2015 Chris Watkins <watk@google.com> Unhide the android.media.[Media]DataSource interface.

This allows apps to implement MediaDataSource, which is modeled on
stagefright's DataSource, to supply media data to the framework. This
was already implemented for MediaExtractor, but it was renamed from

MediaExtractor, MediaPlayer and MediaMetadataRetriever each have a new
overload: #setDataSource(android.media.MediaDataSource)

Only NuPlayer supports this new data source.

The change introduces:
* IDataSource: The binder interface for DataSource.
* JMediaDataSource: The native counterpart to the java interface. It
implements IDataSource.
* CallbackDataSource: A stagefright DataSource that wraps an

Change-Id: Ib3c944b49cc8a792c8eb9c85e5015c07f298ebc1