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a13cde98a880341f0a56d91da6364b093fb5d24e 29-Mar-2016 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Use audio_module_handle_t and audio_patch_handle_t consistently

Bug: 27814144
Change-Id: I54b7a73ec318779fd3addb060998f4d94141152d
d60560af7cb559762593161c8202459cc01fb0f5 10-Apr-2015 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: add support for external audio sources

Add support for activity on external audio sources.
An external source reflects activity on an input audio device
that must be controlled (both routing and volume) by the
audio policy manager.
First, the input device must be connected with setDeviceConnectionState().
Then, the source activity is indicated with startAudioSource() and
stopAudioSource() APIs.
startAudioSource() indicates the source device with an audio port configuration
and the use case by the audio attributes.

Once a source is active, its routing and volume are controlled by the policy manager
as it would for a software source (AudioTrack).

Change-Id: If5805d58a4356b2f681f1aabf54375f62b55b98a