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0631aee95c5a98fb2dc0a45f093f9bd0cfbe463f 19-Apr-2016 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> fix the build

Fix the build for platforms using legacy audio_policy.conf file
broken by commit 5a2b6298.

Change-Id: Icb9c8027b1a8163d19162f311ec1364da7383a2c
5a2b62984c7cecd1761fe272c078dd814c167942 15-Apr-2016 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: support platforms with no audio devices

Remove requirement to declare an AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_SPEAKER device
for platforms without audio output.

By convention:
- platforms without audio output should declare a single output
device of type AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_STUB also declared as default
output device
- platforms without audio input should declare a single input
device of type AUDIO_DEVICE_IN_STUB

Platforms with no audio at all can use stub audio policy configuration
file and audio HAL with the following instructions in device.mk file:


Bug: 25075342
Change-Id: Id700978559427edd3c7cc38d98f2fd52928367ed
d1ab2bd4f1ea166a7e9e81cfd7f3e5dd47135d4d 02-Dec-2015 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> audio policy: move volume table to XML file

This patch allows to store in XML file volume tables.
The compatibility is maintained for legacy conf file.
Configurable Engine is only compatible with new XML conf.
This patch removes from configurable engine Structure / Settings the volume
table but keep the configurabllity of switching volume profiles from
one another according to criteria like phone state...
(ex: DTMF stream type is following Voice Profile in call)

Change-Id: I78c91bc3378b6c47202abe7b5c1c1e011ff62eed
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>
d0609ad390ff8bb1cafebdf363bf1d15e63b949f 01-Dec-2015 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> audio policy: move device_category type outside volume class

This patch prepares the removal of hard coded volume tables by
moving outside volume class the device_category enumeration.

Change-Id: Ic712377898276a39bb782ac0bc7f793cdd7fa8bd
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>
5664139e0ae16bb180a8eaae917f35f7c99d2a0a 09-Oct-2015 Ralph Nathan <ralphnathan@google.com> audio: Change the default init value for StreamDescriptor

Currently, audio doesn't play on Brillo because the policy manager's
default value for all streams is set to 0. In Android, this value is
changed by calls from AudioService.java. If we set the default value to
1 in Brillo, then even if there are no calls, we will have audio.


Change-Id: I1418c9ecfb4f1c81c9c0946eee11deed3c65b358
dfd7409c1b708f6c429aa43722ca8493a91d8df0 19-Mar-2015 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> Create StreamDescriptor and associated collection within common

Create StreamDescriptor and associated collection within common
common policy pillar elements.
It moves the code from managerdefault and creates helpers function within
the collection.
It also split the AudioGain in a common volume header and AudioGain class.

Change-Id: I1bb80e4219506f8c9042367085db328d317cb668
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>