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5a2b62984c7cecd1761fe272c078dd814c167942 15-Apr-2016 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: support platforms with no audio devices

Remove requirement to declare an AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_SPEAKER device
for platforms without audio output.

By convention:
- platforms without audio output should declare a single output
device of type AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_STUB also declared as default
output device
- platforms without audio input should declare a single input
device of type AUDIO_DEVICE_IN_STUB

Platforms with no audio at all can use stub audio policy configuration
file and audio HAL with the following instructions in device.mk file:


Bug: 25075342
Change-Id: Id700978559427edd3c7cc38d98f2fd52928367ed
58545be2ce4e701c8c37401edcc126a8b683890d 23-Feb-2016 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: add device for audio bus

Add audio device category representing a bus in the
audio subsystem. E.g a set of channels in MOST automotive bus.

Bug: 25448664
Change-Id: Id00da57dc45037d4d8062e9a747c423940611539
fdb3c07db5d44535eb8c3ec46dc78ad8446c01eb 09-Feb-2016 Phil Burk <philburk@google.com> AudioTrack: support ENCODING_IEC61937

Set DIRECT flag.
Use audio_has_proportional_frames() instead of audio_is_linear_pcm()
where appropriate.

Bug: 24541671
Bug: 20891646
Bug: 26373761
Change-Id: Ia32036b18683b084d6c9887593df87397ea0afd9
Signed-off-by: Phil Burk <philburk@google.com>
19219b44e05555b29e00ce56ce273d168fa83888 25-Jan-2016 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> audio policy: use reference for all default volume table

This patch migrates all default volume tables as reference
volume tables.
No implicit volume tables is allowed any more, the reference
must be given for all stream type and device category.
It allows removing the WA that was introduce to use the stream CNT
to host the default volume tables.

Change-Id: I19f5e9d2a62d448f0f8447f93acbbd2e1a723958
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>
d1ab2bd4f1ea166a7e9e81cfd7f3e5dd47135d4d 02-Dec-2015 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> audio policy: move volume table to XML file

This patch allows to store in XML file volume tables.
The compatibility is maintained for legacy conf file.
Configurable Engine is only compatible with new XML conf.
This patch removes from configurable engine Structure / Settings the volume
table but keep the configurabllity of switching volume profiles from
one another according to criteria like phone state...
(ex: DTMF stream type is following Voice Profile in call)

Change-Id: I78c91bc3378b6c47202abe7b5c1c1e011ff62eed
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>
7b279bbc24139ee1e01b58055ca94926ec18e2e9 14-Dec-2015 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: remove compilation warnings

Change-Id: I4d41ca903dfbe37066ef20a13ebabaff1e5b7326
5fcd6f99944d8722c57d2b2963814a1964ecfedd 27-Nov-2015 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> audio policy: enhancing type conversion helper

This patch updates the conversion helper class (string to/from policy
common types) by adding direction agnostic helper for channels and
It also adds the support of device category and stream type parsing.

Change-Id: I75d5a77d78bc3aeb2389b424bfb41febbf020f1a
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>
a8ecc2c72ca26389bd6b0162181d60aaeaca8149 09-Nov-2015 François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com> audio policy: remove deserialization from policy objects

This patch removes the responsability of the deserialization of all
objects managed by the policy by:
-adding required accessors
-moving deserialization function to Config parser helper
-adds a TypeConverter to associate string to / from values of all
audio enumeration shared between HALs and policy.

Change-Id: I1ce798848f4657b37e47446c9fbdc63f7ed0390e
Signed-off-by: François Gaffie <francois.gaffie@intel.com>