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ddb948896ca7059161e09d0063b3332352772c0a 24-Jun-2016 Svet Ganov <svetoslavganov@google.com> Mark app pending intents in notification extras

We need to make every peniding intent that went in the notification
system to allow special handling of such intents when fired by a
notification listener. If a pending intent from a notification
is sent from a notification listener, we white-list the source app
to run in data saver mode for a short period of time. The problem is
that actions and the notificaion can have extras which bundles may
contain pending intents but the system cannot look into the bundles
as they may contain custom parcelable objects. To address this we
keep a list of all pending intents in the notification allowing
the system to access them without touching the bundle. Currently
the pending intents are written to the parcel twice, once in the
bundle and once as the explicit list. We can come up with a scheme
to optimize this but since pending itents are just a binder pointer
it is not worth the excecise.


Change-Id: I7328a47017ca226117adf7054900836619f5679b
3cefe6a991ba650375e663e7095266e2273d2372 14-Dec-2015 Samuel Tan <samueltan@google.com> Add comments to keep Java and native binder PersistableBundle in sync

Add comments stating that certain methods of the Java binder framework
should be kept in sync with the corresponding methods mirrored in the
native PersistableBundle implementation.

BUG: 25815410
Change-Id: I475b2e9a527291eea58c8178cd733c444dfcfed5
ceafe5ed8a9968752c9454ae67428caf8c6719e6 12-Dec-2015 Samuel Tan <samueltan@google.com> Fix PersistableBundle handling in Parcel.writeValue

Previously, in Parcel.writeValue, PersistableBundle objects
would be handled as Parcelable types, since we check for
the Parcelable type before the PersistableBundle type (and
PersistableBundle implements the Parcelable interface).

Fix this by moving the PersistableBundle type "if" condition
above the Parcealble type "if" condition. Also, add a comment
that explicitly states this nuance, in order to prevent future

BUG: 25815410
Change-Id: Ia86aa5fc39423422342df0609a0d37e7f38d7ddd
85eaca25fe2a89f883e9a87d8f411cfb315f3e03 09-Dec-2015 Christopher Wiley <wiley@google.com> Merge "Rethrow remote's ServiceSpecificException"
ff8ef28e73c0959a4993fea975d0bdefbc27a20b 08-Dec-2015 Samuel Tan <samueltan@google.com> Merge "Add support for reading and writing double array values"
am: 61c0b7cd4d

* commit '61c0b7cd4d73381a2f4e3d3836389b130b5006d9':
Add support for reading and writing double array values
80fd1208b99fbb88f24faa5d55183cdbbdeb6777 23-Nov-2015 Christopher Wiley <wiley@google.com> Rethrow remote's ServiceSpecificException

Certain system services would like to throw exceptions
with specific error codes, so that the framework can catch
these specific conditions and express them appropriately.

Bug: 25800533
Change-Id: I94b3d30fa131f5e14bba893c971615840085459f
a8036660ea522e8509e4fd5c79bd4466ac6d9179 23-Nov-2015 Samuel Tan <samueltan@google.com> Add support for reading and writing double array values

Add support for reading and writing double arrays in
Parcel.readValue() and Parcel.writeValue.

Also, remove some trailing whitespaces in Parcel.java.

BUG: 25848659
Change-Id: Ib5430f492df4195051b83d9bf2b5163ec684bbff
7a38be61124fb1d75ed73cdd4050ba25047d2b03 13-Nov-2015 Casey Dahlin <sadmac@google.com> Merge "Add hidden support for arrays of raw file descriptors"
am: 376d5f350c

* commit '376d5f350c6618d915338a9927b5d0f5fb61eba8':
Add hidden support for arrays of raw file descriptors
2f974b252f819405a54798c9736f448f979a095f 05-Nov-2015 Casey Dahlin <sadmac@google.com> Add hidden support for arrays of raw file descriptors

Change-Id: I4013e0700369764a26485d8620ebf16d8bea1951
Test: Built and ran Android in an emulator
Bug: 25242023
Signed-off-by: Casey Dahlin <sadmac@google.com>
0450565d9a6de0f0828c9ad8ce16c8645c6f394c 23-Oct-2015 Adrian Roos <roosa@google.com> Revert "Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel""

This reverts commit e2adb2cf0f2c90c77fab3f09285a92e05e70b567.

Bug: 25004154
Change-Id: I9b432d1ebc39f3bbcd7afdefc403f0fb6ced8158
e2adb2cf0f2c90c77fab3f09285a92e05e70b567 23-Oct-2015 Ian Pedowitz <ijpedowitz@google.com> Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel"

This reverts commit ab3f9724035046d65124a72db2a09c824b3d5c67.

Bug: 25169267
Bug: 25191602
Bug: 25004154
Change-Id: Ic51e62515273e4687359dfd9ff770a4d06c0c667
ab3f9724035046d65124a72db2a09c824b3d5c67 21-Oct-2015 Adrian Roos <roosa@google.com> Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel

Bug: 25004154
Change-Id: Id9d5656dd0605f1b50525596b75601309f67ebdc
(cherry picked from commit 4701a496a5477a7de01fbc9eaf4af9812f83770c)
b9f7aac3488873677377b36c57338d758098f78e 04-Mar-2015 Dan Sandler <dsandler@android.com> Icon: a clean, parcelable place for images.

Binder APIs which wish to consume Bitmaps *and* drawable
resources can now do so by using Icon, a kind of union type
that accommodates each of these. Icon also accepts byte
arrays holding compressed Bitmaps (PNG, JPEG, etc), which
saves clients the additional memory cost of decoding and
sending full uncompressed bitmaps through Binder interfaces.
Receiving clients can call loadDrawable{,Async} and then
getDrawable to start immediately using the image in an
ImageView or other Drawable-hosting container.

Bug: 19609468
Change-Id: Ic1343711c2ac0b15876b46f0b6008b0108a49470
8dea8744ac12a97533e8de0f8e56a58d630eb489 20-Apr-2015 Jens Ole Lauridsen <jlauridsen@google.com> parcel: Add efficient methods for writing and reading a parcelable.

The documentation used to recommend calling Parcelable.writeToParcel
instead of using the Parcel API for sending Parcelable types.
This leaves the developer to have to deal with null values and makes
it harder to create tools that generate correct efficient code.
I suggest that we add a these 2 methods:
writeTypedObject and createTypedObject
as an alternative.

Change-Id: I85443417909dcb9590d3f0a72f0130a4da4ead38
52dbaa08cdb7866fa51f98e4572f17077c492554 22-Apr-2015 Neil Fuller <nfuller@google.com> Merge "Add checks for types in Parcel / avoid class initialization"
aa861666ed537389e335f586bc84fe8ddb9fb026 21-Apr-2015 Dan Sandler <dsandler@android.com> Fix build.

Change-Id: I0e419fdb36cedba67fc6da7f71134d9728f66150
44e440cc7e834de7811f005998acb32716835b00 20-Apr-2015 Neil Fuller <nfuller@google.com> Add checks for types in Parcel / avoid class initialization

Make Parcel more stringent to avoid initializing classes
that are not related to Parcelable.

Two new checks:
1) That the class found on the stream implements Parcelable.
2) That the type of the CREATOR field declared on the class
found on the stream actually implements Parcelable.Creator.

For (1) the new check that a class in the stream is actually
Parcelable. This will affect handling of invalid streams or
code that didn't obey the requirements.

For (2) this change could break some apps that had a CREATOR
field in a Parcelable class that was not declared to be
(at least) a Parcelable.Creator: it is no longer sufficient
for the type to implement Parcelable.Creator, the field
must be declared as such.

This change includes doc updates for Parcelable to make
the requirement around the declared type of the CREATOR
field more concrete.

This change also makes the generics slightly tidier/explicit,
annotates code as unchecked where needed and removes some
assumptions that can not be guaranteed with Java's type
system and the current definitions.

For example, there's no guarantee right now that
Parcelable.Creator returns objects that are actually
Parcelable, or that the CREATOR object associated
with a Parcelable will return objects of the surrounding
class. The first we can't do something about without
breaking the public API (due to implementations like
TextUtils.CHAR_SEQUENCE_CREATOR). The second is
currently typically implicitly enforced with an implicit
cast in the (app's) calling code (e.g. callers to
readParcelable() that causes a language-introduced cast
to the type expected). A larger refactoring of Parcel
would be required to ensure that the class that is
produced by Creator is of a type compatible with the
class that declared CREATOR, and is not a goal for this

A fix is included for a class that doesn't implement
Parcelable like it should and would probably fail
check (1).

Bug: 1171613
Change-Id: I31d07516efee29a320e80f4bc4f96aaac628f81c
5ce0430edfc176de29c0cf503975570dfda8111f 10-Apr-2015 Dan Sandler <dsandler@android.com> Add ashmem stats to Parcels.

Developers can now analyze the true RAM cost of the parcels
they create when those parcels contain ashmem blobs (such as
Bitmap data).

Requires change Ifaf115da in frameworks/native.

Bug: 20079551
Change-Id: Ifaf115dabd1a59cdb1b46e2d49c41f64ac107de4
3d07c94c393831091958fe6a98811843db8973bd 14-Mar-2015 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add new voice request for picking from a list.

Also add API for voice interaction service to control
whether the system should hold a wake lock while it is
working with an activity (and actually *do* hold a wake
lock while doing so, duh!).

And while in there, clean up the launching wake lock to
correctly give blame to the app that is launching.

Change-Id: I7cc4d566b80f59fe0a9ac51ae9bbb7188a01f433
9adf1c54226940e9f9065d92b4edd2b232122302 05-Feb-2015 John Spurlock <jspurlock@google.com> am ac7b9dd3: am 42d3b66f: am e0852368: Fix a few typos in Parcel.java.

* commit 'ac7b9dd39f64118a2129c17cdc7b6c93e53e1c42':
Fix a few typos in Parcel.java.
e08523684d5414117f81debd4eb14bc8eb494c29 04-Feb-2015 John Spurlock <jspurlock@google.com> Fix a few typos in Parcel.java.

Change-Id: Ic1674fc72f08a0f3536b4870a5ce7d14ee6fcc16
fabb70b2efbd125f74923d19ab12bc8e1371ed1f 11-Nov-2014 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add reporting of Parcel memory/count.

Also fix issue #18340771: Dumpsys Procstats missing a newline

Change-Id: I0c612187a3fb4d7eeafbf97d373efdef732c477e
33d738a10209d4dc882a65285d6e71cfaeabe769 12-Sep-2014 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Allow throwing UnsupportedOperationException across Binder.

Change-Id: I3a9b81958886033d546c3a20331716dbb9492365
5ef33984d0cc50bf4654b0d8e9557ac34d44fddd 05-Sep-2014 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Move Size parceling to Bundle.

Size itself shouldn't be Parcelable, since that would be a layering

Bug: 17390381
Change-Id: Ica62709bd889db51c916c550a0146714b002baa3
9c3e74f1f77d3b29ad47d2c74b0a0061e67c76f1 14-Aug-2014 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #16794553: Duplicate ArrayMap entries in Bundle...

...can lead to launching of un-exported activities

We now validate the array map after unparcelling to make sure there
are no duplicate keys.

And to make up for the performance overhead this introduces, I switched
the parcelling/unparcelling code to write keys as explicit string
objects rather than generic values. There was no reason to use generic
values since the write method itself only accepts an array map with
String keys.

Change-Id: I57bda9eb79ceaaa9c1b94ad49d9e462b52102149
39c12fab49075b715c253c68c84b5c10c3150197 26-Jul-2014 Sandeep Siddhartha <sansid@google.com> Use blob (shared memory) for large data in sound model/recognition event/config

Also add a missing null check in writeBlob

Bug: 16516353
Change-Id: Ie702f8daae541cab7c2cee6e13d49e7fc84c84e1
90d7a3e996ee3a6e33e655341c5d301fbe30cd58 26-Jul-2014 Sandeep Siddhartha <sansid@google.com> Add read/writeBlob to Parcel

These are {@hide}en for now.

Bug: 16516353
Change-Id: Ie1635617ee8611a78be9068a7ce674e34c30301d
719e6b167041ffaffc2245f692714c8de191863f 05-Apr-2014 Craig Mautner <cmautner@google.com> Introduce PersistableBundle

The PersistableBundle class is similar to Bundle except that only
objects that have meaning across reboots can be stored and there
is a limited number of types that can be stored. More
specifically Binders, FileDescriptors, Parcelables, Booleans,
Bytes, Shorts, Chars, CharSequences, Floats, and ArrayLists
cannot be stored.

Fixes bug 13736007.

Change-Id: If6595b2e6fd92af6b7f60c4f7140ae867c258794
5784f159ab9da9dd89c82926abdda26916503325 21-Feb-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> am 48dcf9d5: am d7d37256: am b2f07b27: am 4a809272: Merge "Fix documentation for Parcel.readException()."

* commit '48dcf9d5f59acf53a3ac0eda141ec323534a3321':
Fix documentation for Parcel.readException().
4a80927241b3168d9d5138c46c22385d6467a736 21-Feb-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Merge "Fix documentation for Parcel.readException()."
5ea06c59be1f7a0495378f703562ee02eaad99d8 13-Feb-2014 Paul Duffin <paulduffin@google.com> am 4de91118: am 0741e11c: am 75d67c6a: am d562a9b5: Merge "Improve Parcel\'s handling of non-primitive arrays"

* commit '4de9111819638b70dd6fb58094d7a61477fc59da':
Improve Parcel's handling of non-primitive arrays
ac5a0828c14eea59f2ffda85432ad1977d3e1ce0 03-Feb-2014 Paul Duffin <paulduffin@google.com> Improve Parcel's handling of non-primitive arrays

Treat arrays other than actual Object arrays (i.e. those whose component type
is actually Object) and the primitive arrays already handled specially by
Parcel as Serializable's.

Issue: 64583
Change-Id: I3ff797f3262e77e4de27f35709bceee5410d1ed4
ef099b71838e15758c8e859af21748a123bb4a99 29-Jan-2014 Narayan Kamath <narayan@google.com> am 4a587146: am 09d07d0d: am e3e4b405: am 9846fb69: am 50afaefd: Merge "AArch64: Make Binder and Parcel 64-bit compatible"

* commit '4a58714606fdeb2e740b0ce51ea5074783e2ecf4':
AArch64: Make Binder and Parcel 64-bit compatible
8ab665dda40ab10e60fc69392022171f454af530 22-Jan-2014 Ashok Bhat <ashok.bhat@arm.com> AArch64: Make Binder and Parcel 64-bit compatible

Changes include
[x] Long is used to store native pointers

[x] Added new method obtain(long obj) to Parcel. Binder
uses this method instead of obtain(int obj).

[x] obtain(int) has been changed to throw unsupported
operation exception.

Change-Id: I408e0f2a24deb28c9277d86670653a51eb314266
Signed-off-by: Ashok Bhat <ashok.bhat@arm.com>
Signed-off-by: Craig Barber <craig.barber@arm.com>
Signed-off-by: Kévin PETIT <kevin.petit@arm.com>
b34a4615f82a4ad8ce2c0687f47e2113e057e893 23-Jan-2014 Narayan Kamath <narayan@google.com> Hide android.os.Parcel.obtain(int).

This will break on 64 bit because 64 bit pointers are
wider than java int.

Also, this method technically isn't a public API because
it's a protected method on a final class. It shows up in
our api.txt files because of a quirk in the API generation

Change-Id: I2b574943008ed34696b048195c0cac6af1aa0a3b
5002b8c972967b9f0f58dcefe6e37ea79fa9a179 10-Jan-2014 John Spurlock <jspurlock@google.com> Use custom classloader if provided for Serializables.

If an explicit classloader is provided during unparcel, use it
when deserializing java serializables.

Change-Id: I2b354f0b55359201528234b8095aa0bc102928ec
879ea451cefa535803d9742506cf51e2e0df75a7 02-Jan-2014 Mark Doliner <markdoliner@google.com> Fix documentation for Parcel.readException().

The old documentation was kind of useless and not clear, so this is an

In addition to this change, I think this method should probably be private
instead of public, especially since the values for code are private. But it's
too late to change that now. Also the method name is pretty poor, since it's
not actually reading anything. Something like "throwException" would be more

I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this situation. Maybe mark the
method as deprecated with a comment that it will be made private in the

Change-Id: I830f2bcf606714bd130d8c953aa33974b33c9a83
8aee64d18b6b90e46e886a80d8de0467d682ddc4 25-Oct-2013 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #11290095: Parcel change causing crashing in KLP...

...when reading from empty byte[]

Better handling of empty bundles and parcels.

Change-Id: Ie9182e43a52b8f163e8fb20bd1d110e0832683e6
4a7d824c3b41eafc4ff91d3253ff8a9ebd60a454 03-Oct-2013 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #10921903: CTS: android.os.cts.ParcelTest#testReadBundle...

...fails from KRS84 across all platforms

My fix for issue #10807048 was wrong, wrong, wrong. The problem was
actually just a stupid mistake in ArrayMap.erase(). This makes it
all right.

Change-Id: I762f7a2d5100bceb86a091ab3d6368edc21b4266
e784d1e4cfeaf3a9accd7caa33c087abd8f39040 21-Sep-2013 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #10807048: Groupon: The application crash when user rotates...

...device to another mode (portrait or landscape) on Main page.

So, it turns out that Bundle claimed to have an invariant that either
mParcelledData or mMap would hold its data, never both. The new
implementation on top of ArrayMap assumed this was the case. However,
there is one situation where it is not true: an application can take
an existing Bundle that contains data, and call readFromParcel() on it.
The implementation of readFromParcel() would just pull out the
parceled data and stuff it in to mParcelledData for later unparceling,
even if that Bundle already had a non-empty mMap.

To fix this, we just look for this case in readFromParcel() and
immediately unparcel at that point into the existing map, using a
new unparcelling method that doesn't rely on the target map being

Change-Id: Ib816b6876a6cd2760b7a3372c7a79ca2f12dfeba
7e7144218e8681fff2065a891de517bad6fe1b38 14-Sep-2013 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Implement #10666712: NetworkOnMainThreadException should be...

...relayed back to calling application

What's one more exception between friends?

Change-Id: Ib83c7bfbddd397457dcdbe506a8cd2bc0f4fb70b
da5a3e12f4f8f965c57d6f93c74190f43ea233f3 11-Aug-2013 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Richer ParcelFileDescriptor close events.

When reading from the end of a pipe or socket, there is no way to
tell if the other end has finished successfully, encountered an error,
or outright crashed. To solve this, we create a second socketpair()
as a communication channel between the two ends of a pipe or
socket pair, sending a status code with details about why the
ParcelFileDescriptor was closed.

The writer end of a pipe or socket can closeWithError() to send a
message to the reader end. When the reader encounters EOF, they
call checkError() to detect if any error occured. This also detects
the case where the remote process died without sending a success

This design is also extended to support regular files on disk, using
the communication channel above to detect various remote close events
or crashes, and delivering that event to a supplied OnCloseListener.

Replaces JNI with best-practice Libcore.os calls, and deprecates
some flags to match Context.

Bug: 10330121
Change-Id: I8cfa1e4fb6f57397667c7f785106193e0faccad3
b87655b3e551c6a32f34084c8533800bbd1aff7d 18-Jul-2013 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Switch Bundle's implementation over to ArrayMap.

That was... um... easier than I thought it was going to be.

Change-Id: Id8f2211c1d5f8145e0bb009dca0f62a590f2b860
dcbaf661bfa931f481022c27987798a03ce7a932 26-Apr-2013 Daniel Sandler <dsandler@android.com> Filter out dangerous CharSequences in Notification.

If an app mistakenly puts some Parcelable implementation of
CharSequence in here, Bundle will try to marshal the derived
class, which is going to be bad news when we try to unparcel
it in another process.

Additionally add a proper stack trace to unparceling
failures (otherwise you have no idea where the bad parcel
was being used).

Bug: 8725271
Change-Id: Ide19b986d65c7f47929cf2dde4e62b762c469fee
d8e1dbb6bc1fbaf4f2e38c3ba92ced94270deaac 18-Jan-2013 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Rework ParceledListSlice to be much easier to use.

Take advantage of this to return better information about
packages filtered by permissions -- include the permissions
they have in the requested array.

Also fix issue #8026793 (Contact picture shows default pic
while searching for a contact in qsb) by using the base
package name of the Context when reporting the app name
of an operation. Otherwise you could make a resource-only
context for another application and do calls through that
and get reported as the wrong app.

Change-Id: I5e0488bf773acea5a3d22f245641828e1a106fb8
97a72f6693a7bee3255b2307c6bb18f66669a36c 11-Jan-2013 Irfan Sheriff <isheriff@google.com> Handle missing static for CREATOR

I made a mistake of missing out on static for CREATOR on a Parcelable
and it threw a NPE which was not obvious. We do not get NoSuchFieldException
when CREATOR exists but is not static.

Change-Id: Ib06f60797c00722075255d45e8189f8cebef9ae2
f76a50ce8fdc6aea22cabc77b2977a1a15a79630 09-Mar-2012 Ken Wakasa <kwakasa@google.com> Fix obvious typos under frameworks/base/core

Change-Id: Ia5fc3db1bb51824e7523885553be926bcc42d736
047238ced42eea812de9d39a9f32e94d002bfa5c 08-Mar-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Switch Parcel to static JNI calls, pass pointer.

Instead of using parcelForJavaObject(), pass down the mNativeObj
pointer explicitly. Benchmarks show that writeInt() is roughly 3x
faster with this approach.

Change-Id: I24ca235c334c44be716070aa8066ec8a429eadb7
c04db7e06737c5b9bae276ac462858d44002672e 04-Oct-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix handling of "allow fds" state.

Didn't take into account nesting of bundles. Boo.

Change-Id: Ic8cf21ad8d6f4938a3e105128624c9d162310d01
9ecebbfbf768fd63e9a6c9a09c86d81c7737ee2d 29-Sep-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add mechanism for Parcel to not allow FDs to be written to it.

This is to help implement issue #5224703.

Change-Id: I026a5890495537d15b57fe61227a640aac806d46
b46ed7636be9341b6ce0b158b3d86f34a437e6da 03-Jun-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add new Fragment API for explicitly saving/restoring state.

Also fix issue #4519821:
Blank screen displayed on tapping "Battery Use" option in the settings

We weren't correctly doing the full Activity resume code when coming
back from delivering a new Intent or result.

And fix a fragment problem where we still weren't correctly restoring
the state of list views. (I think this was from a bad manual-merge
from master.)

Change-Id: If79dc7e998155c39ab8c04781f6c73a82238a9ef
9a84983a9fd9959671e102045eaf185b83291269 08-Apr-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> DO NOT MERGE. Integrate from master: Improve activity manager debug dumps.

Activity manager now does all dump requests into apps
asynchronously, so it can nicely timeout if there is an
app problem. Also lots of general cleanup of the am
dump output.

Change-Id: I99447b87f77a701af52aeca984d93dfe931f065d
c9119f5034d36f548bbddd8f60291e24ab4e270b 01-Mar-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add ParcelFileDescriptor APIs to get raw fd.

Change-Id: I66ba72ffffd27237e60c9411453eef950ae62705
a28b83ee04ca25100781f37a50665d6e1b05e3a2 28-Feb-2011 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix Parcel.writeNative to not ignore 'offset'.

Also switch to using libcore's array bounds checking. (This variant had no
detail message and was missing the length check.)

Bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=15075
Change-Id: Icfc045bd59403b59f02d95c8514abf881d3996e5
3c1363beec9c142c062d8704b8bef4230b42eae5 20-Jul-2010 Dan Egnor <egnor@google.com> am 2f0dc6d9: Merge "COMMENT ONLY change to add some warnings about ParcelFileDescriptor behavior with Parcel.writeValue()." into froyo

Merge commit '2f0dc6d9f50ceece294e9db393583e655d3bf781' into gingerbread

* commit '2f0dc6d9f50ceece294e9db393583e655d3bf781':
COMMENT ONLY change to add some warnings about ParcelFileDescriptor
b3e4ef37021a9e5518fdbc7d0cbb0a1709d5301b 20-Jul-2010 Dan Egnor <egnor@google.com> COMMENT ONLY change to add some warnings about ParcelFileDescriptor
behavior with Parcel.writeValue().

Change-Id: If55fcce29559379855735ff5297cf4f46d5d6be6
Bug: 2847738
703e5d3c7fbeb8ca0978045db01d40318f838612 15-Jul-2010 Brad Fitzpatrick <bradfitz@android.com> StrictMode: avoid an allocation in common case

Make the initialValue() of the ThreadLocal be null, so checking it doesn't
cause one to be created in the case of an RPC call not using StrictMode.

Change-Id: I3ea19ce444a1b3c39a6e53c5cb5d4faf4b07a6c8
5b747191ff8ad43a54d41faf50436271d1d7fcc8 12-Jul-2010 Brad Fitzpatrick <bradfitz@android.com> StrictMode: gather and return violating stacks in Binder replies

Now, when Thread A has a strict mode policy in effect and does a
Binder call to Thread B (most likely in another process), the strict
mode policy is passed along, but with the GATHER penalty bit set which
overrides other policies and instead gathers all offending stack
traces to a threadlocal which are then written back in the Parcel's
reply header.

Change-Id: I7d4497032a0609b37b1a2a15855f5c929ba0584d
08bbffb049c135c5dfd40d261118c90d1a6dc111 25-Feb-2010 Bjorn Bringert <bringert@android.com> Support CharSequence lists+arrays in Bundle+Intent

Fixes http://b/issue?id=2468093

Change-Id: Id82686f6ca8c9501f6db8a07018278a78ddacd05
6aff905048ba3b03724f17e2aba9089872e14cd2 22-May-2009 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix a major bug in Bundle when unparcelling from AIDL.

There was a serious problem in the Bundle(Parcel) and readFromParcel() methods,
where it wasn't doing the copying of the Parcel that Parcel.readBundle() does
and is a basic requirement for it to work correctly.

This re-arranges the code to make all of these functions (hopefully) correct.

Also fix a problem in Parcel where we were not duping fds when copying data from
one Parcel to another.
9066cfe9886ac131c34d59ed0e2d287b0e3c0087 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
d83a98f4ce9cfa908f5c54bbd70f03eec07e7553 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
54b6cfa9a9e5b861a9930af873580d6dc20f773c 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution