History log of /frameworks/base/core/jni/android_app_ApplicationLoaders.cpp
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0997908c95151ce24609c10731990e648156b95d 19-Apr-2016 Dimitry Ivanov <dimitry@google.com> Move Vulkan layer path setup to ApplicationLoaders

ThreadedRenderer was never the right place for this anyway, and
ApplicationLoaders can provide both the full library search path (not
just the extracted native library dir) as well as the application loader

Bug: 28213888
Change-Id: Ibcc0a9178da4dba6f3f3105932fdac1a1d0261af
b1ef62bb3834af6bdf8017e56b2cc614a566229e 20-Apr-2016 Dimitry Ivanov <dimitry@google.com> Extract pathclassloader initialization to a separate class

To be able to reuse this code when creating a classloader for
the system_server.

Bug: http://b/27245894
Bug: http://b/27702070
Change-Id: I928175a39a1beb0446d863a5b8f5edf94686e768
(cherry picked from commit 5d7d777fa6f47ade2097e77d3d9ddb52c26d77d6)
a55c7f15a3c386ec643f21eeb2f4e9fd7b03ba70 23-Feb-2016 Dimitry Ivanov <dimitry@google.com> Create linker-namespace for the classloader

With this change ApplicationLoaders.getClassLoader()
creates linker-namespace for the classloader at the
construction time. Before this change the namespace
was created on first load of a jni library.

With this change we ensure that every classloader
has initialized namespace associated with it.

As an additional advantage we now can avoid storing
namespace-specific fields in the classloaders.

Bug: http://b/27189432
Bug: http://b/22548808
Change-Id: I3b160bd478a55171008682c40b2ebc13bdbd9882