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415fa1f5c0eab260211eb192629f61097ed059f3 19-Jun-2015 Stephen Smalley <sds@tycho.nsa.gov> overlaytests: fix testrunner.py md5sum invocation

The overlaytests testrunner.py script wants to invoke adb shell md5sum
to compute the md5 of a file, but wrongly invokes it as md5. Maybe
it used to have that name, but it doesn't exist under that name in master.
Fix it.

Change-Id: I3ec4be162fab0cd3915f010f9b1add37b5397973
Signed-off-by: Stephen Smalley <sds@tycho.nsa.gov>
97b5df764344c32f8551483385ac4be742427580 07-Nov-2014 Mårten Kongstad <marten.kongstad@sonymobile.com> RRO tests: adapt tests to split apks

The introduction of support for split apks has resulted in the move of
applications from /partition/app/pkg.apk to /partition/app/pkg/pkg.apk.
Update the RRO testrunner to use the new paths.

Bug: 17765434
Change-Id: I6eebfb6f879404077b9447c750ddc395ecd9a547
ad6ed950dbfa152c193dd7e49c369d9e831f1591 31-Jan-2014 Mårten Kongstad <marten.kongstad@sonymobile.com> Runtime resource overlay, iteration 2, test cases

Add automated test cases for runtime resource overlay, iteration 2.

The test cases are a mixture of 'adb shell' commands and regular
instrumentation tests. The device is rebooted between tests to setup
different overlay scenarios for framework-res.apk.

To verify Runtime resoure overlay, iteration 2, run
$ frameworks/base/core/tests/overlaytests/testrunner.py

For a list of supported options, run
$ frameworks/base/core/tests/overlaytests/testrunner.py --help

Change-Id: I692aa1a7ad073efd116b24f9ec7f197dfd65dfef