History log of /frameworks/base/libs/hwui/tests/unit/TextDropShadowCacheTests.cpp
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e8c3c813b0e3ac98304b17a751ce6e436e252bd9 06-Feb-2016 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> Fix TextDropShadowCacheTests and glyph_t everywhere

Change-Id: I943eae4e9408c77bdfba6304ba7ee3e862351a41
c3127a78b996a540cd002e5a87861e8a2adeb336 30-Jan-2016 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Fix TextDropShadowCache infinite loop

Bug: 26862239

Switch TextDropCacheShadow to use the tracked objectSize()
instead of the optional bitmapSize. A mismatch here
results in ::get() infinite looping trying to free space in
the cache since the LRU removal callback would always
decrement mSize by 0 since bitmapSize was not being set.

Also prevent the infinite loop in the future by crashing if
this scenario happens again.

Change-Id: Ib4e9fbe1c8327af2335ad650fd694a1627d9824f