History log of /frameworks/base/packages/services/PacProcessor/jni/jni_init.cpp
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423ba098bd6ed9e90fa3f940b58c5c058c6cbee8 11-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> Frameworks/base: Wall Werror in packages

Turn on -Wall -Werror in packages/. Fix warnings.

Change-Id: I4ec7256a7df46017e1895575719f2b5aca978bd0
9ced3cd9d6ea414523051ec872fffc68f5fdbf08 12-Aug-2013 Jason Monk <jmonk@google.com> Change PacProcessor to Android Service

This switches the PacProcessor over to an Android Service. The service
is bound and unbound by the PacManager, which also adds it to the
ServiceManager, allowing for Context-Free access by the PacProxySelector
in all DVMs.

Change-Id: Id1ff7660be56e8976cdcccd76e041feb47a17a61