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History log of /frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/wm/animation/
Revision Date Author Comments (<<< Hide modified files) (Show modified files >>>)
787e9dd6c81a2db27cd002ca6672be4279cabe88 15-Mar-2016 Jorim Jaggi <jjaggi@google.com> Implement transition for docking task in recents #5

- Move task along a curved path.

Bug: 27607141
Change-Id: I945071de55efed0d327b68045e48fea6989adf63
8fe7e0a88ecc4a995a3a86b2ef60143fb0ffa1b0 13-Feb-2016 Jorim Jaggi <jjaggi@google.com> Fix clip reveal animation in docked window case

- Move ClipRectTB/LRAnimation to wm package, because that's the only
place we use it.
- Extend ClipRectTBAnimation to combine it with translation animation
so the clipping gets applied after the translation.
- Fix clip reveal transitions when a window is docked.
- Make the docked divider minimizing animations synchronized with clip
reveal animation.

Bug: 27154882
Bug: 22174716

Change-Id: If5c94c777f3b51c6f53f6f34cc261bf3439cfc88