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History log of /frameworks/data-binding/extensions/gradle/
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9e6805b0ab84967da017e48c5e8284d3263dae35 06-Jan-2016 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Move to gradle 2.10

Change-Id: I1a642a954d3b9f7fb5bcb5639f21a58192349a31
0b6d118e6eeb3bc100fc6a6e66016ab812cb2783 04-Dec-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Avoid re-reading variables.

This CL fixes a bad code generation where we would set a variable to itself,
which breaks if you use a tool like ErrorProne.

I've also updated gradle version and data binding versions.

Bug: 25077399
Change-Id: I6620faf4cad5fa74dc7c35be03c46c4a76c9cfbc
a6e4583962e19e8e93b4ca3f9fe3d34560b6d96c 13-Mar-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Support for multi module setups

This CL adds support for building multi module apps
with proper context.

For library modules, we only generate base classes in the initial
compilation. We also generate a temporary BR file which does
not have final methods.

When final app is being generated, all layout binders, adapters
and Bindable information gets merged and all final classes
are generated in their appropriate packages.

This CL also adds support for Test runs and any
number of build variants.

Bug: 19714904
Change-Id: I9b50b54db05f3fa206eec33709d43c2ac94a9e5e