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f0be43de02a1e07308d3d95408349c3c7f973430 27-Aug-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Binary format for hyphenation patterns

In the current state, hyphenation in all languages than Sanskrit seems
to work (case-folding edge cases). Thus, we just disable Sanskrit.
Packed tries are implemented, but not the finite state machine
(space/speed tradeoff).

This commit contains a throw-away test app, which runs on the host.
I think I want to replace it with unit tests, but I'm including it in
the CL because it's useful during development.

Bug: 21562869
Bug: 21826930
Bug: 23317038
Bug: 23317904

Change-Id: I7479a565a4a062fa319651c2c14c0fa18c5ceaea