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History log of /frameworks/native/cmds/bugreport/
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2628e9e939fda323fa44c5cb743f4a77b12a312a 13-Apr-2016 Felipe Leme <felipeal@google.com> Added support for 'bugreport -z'.

Dumpstate now supports zipped bugreport, whose output is more complete
than the flat-file bugreports provided prior to N.

The whole workflow is split in different components:

- adb supports a 'bugreport -z <ZIP_FILE>' option, which calls a
bugreportz binary.
- bugreportz starts the dumpstatez service.
- dumpstatez starts dumpstate with some flags that opens a socket for
control (not output).
- Once dumpstate is finished, it prints the bugreport location to
- adb pulls the zip file and renames according to the command-line
- bugreport prints a deprecation message.

The reason for a new binary (bugreportz) instead of passing arguments to
bugreport (like -z) is backward compatibility: pre-N versions of
bugreport would ignore such argument and generate a text bugreport,
which is not what adb would be expecting.

BUG: 27653204

Change-Id: I47f6f677eba11d5fb54818ae5a0b3cab069776ee
997abb668b9248c2174c6cf169a0b7c6a02fd2cb 16-May-2015 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in frameworks/native.

Bug: http://b/20501816
Change-Id: Id13a62f02243c6c4831e2f47944dc34fa822f5b6
9b73bf07d73dbab5b792632e1e233edbad77f5fd 21-Jan-2015 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Refactor of the bugreport code.

Implemented these changes:

- Make this code C++.
- Avoid hangs by adding a timeout.
- Add the necessary TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY calls.
- Restructure the code a bit.

Bug: 18800936

Change-Id: Iba9f86a4c7beee4f0f36e51234855f4c0834db47
9fcca4ee1746774cc7a10f4257f4aa50e01ad46e 16-Jan-2014 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> releax wait timeout on start of dumpstate service

Bug: 12181612
Change-Id: If7ae97de1e42890dac37d036ead669ccda65e688
94afecf4b6f437b3ee9a076242402e421c6c07a6 24-Oct-2012 Mike Lockwood <lockwood@google.com> Move non-Java commands over from frameworks/base

Change-Id: I0571813c1cfcf66abd36eb9f178fc49b618e88a6
Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@google.com>