History log of /frameworks/native/libs/binder/PersistableBundle.cpp
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715dec70e0d3b61679ddac3355e567a787b66f69 17-Dec-2015 Samuel Tan <samueltan@google.com> Fix format specifiers for size_t types

Use %zu instead of %u for logging size_t types, which
are of the unsigned long type, not the unsigned int type.

BUG: None
Change-Id: I5af6c2ea544a5f11b283bc9aebe8b5f0cfc605ec
0a31202370581a91b3425e7b60757268d0f6b539 24-Nov-2015 Samuel Tan <samueltan@google.com> Add support for PersistableBundle in C++

Add support for PersistableBundle, a mapping from
String values to various types, in C++.

BUG: 25815410
Change-Id: If609b294a1709314bb4220afc4f2269b556babb8