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ff95aabbcc6e8606acbd7933c90eeb9b8b382a21 14-Jan-2016 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> Add interface for controlling single buffer auto refresh

- Adds a boolean to BufferQueue that controls whether or not auto
refresh is enabled in SurfaceFlinger when in single buffer mode.
- Adds plumbing up to ANativeWindow.
- When enabled, it will cache the shared buffer slot in Surface in
order to prevent the Binder transaction with SurfaceFlinger.

Bug 24940410

Change-Id: I83142afdc00e203f198a32288f071d926f8fda95
23b4abe024ea88c45e0b94c80e1fb537a573b143 08-Jan-2016 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> BQ: Improved buffer/slot tracking

- Explicitly track active buffers and unused slots on top of the
already existing tracking for free slots and free buffers.

Change-Id: Ife2678678e96f0eb0b3fb21571058378134bd868
063121849890da78b1ad7fb96c54c795de5d1fd6 08-Oct-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> SF: Force refresh when in single buffer mode

- Add a boolean to BufferItem to track whether single buffer mode is
enabled. When it is, force SurfaceFlinger to acquire a new buffer
and refresh on every vsync.

Bug 24940410

Change-Id: Iea67330c416b6fb14500865f98c67f1c12f23197
ccdfd60d79a8b7f1ed6401d0f2e8e29166a10584 08-Oct-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> BQ: Add support for single buffer mode

- Adds a single buffer mode to BufferQueue. In this mode designate the
first dequeued buffer as the shared buffer. All calls to dequeue()
and acquire() will then return the shared buffer, allowing the
producer and consumer to share it.
- Modify the buffer slot state tracking. Add a new SHARED state for
the shared buffer in single buffer mode. Also track how many times
a buffer has been dequeued/queued/acquired as it's possible for a
shared buffer to be both dequeued and acquired at the same time, or
dequeued/acquired multiple times. This tracking is needed to know
when to drop the buffer out of the SHARED state after single buffer
mode has been disabled.
- Add plumbing for enabling/disabling single buffer mode from Surface.

Bug 24940410

Change-Id: I3fc550c74bacb5523c049a227111356257386853
60d6922a011fe18c111b8d30fb6ef1f655b6b15e 07-Aug-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> libsgui: Change Rect default constructor

The current Rect default constructor initializes to all zeroes. Change
it to initialize to an invalid Rect.

Modify all of the existing invocations of the default constructor to
maintain the existing behavior.

Bug 18173359

Change-Id: Ibbad076f1550a94f56d7b1cf5350071f2022e09a
47f674dfeca31b29810ecb90f1277918b67c4cf8 22-May-2015 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> fix BufferItem flatten/unflatten alignment

bug: 21370100
Change-Id: Ia3991dc591c176bdbd1d78d1804aa22777525b62
eea6d682b8b0f7081f0fe8fab8feadb16e22b30b 20-Apr-2015 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libui/libgui: Fix errors in parceling

BufferItem and GraphicBuffer were not parceling correctly, which had
not been noticed because the libgui tests (specifically, one that
tests placing a BufferQueue in a separate process from the IGBP/C)
had not been run recently. This change fixes the errors found in
those classes.

Change-Id: Ie224361a534a79115a3481d83ff97f21d154d4f5
5065a55291b67f584d7b0be3fa3cfc4e29a3cd1c 18-Mar-2015 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libgui: Pass surface damage through BufferQueue

This change adds support for passing surface damage all of the way
down from the EGL interface through the consumer side of the
BufferQueue. Depends on system/core change

Bug: 11239309
Change-Id: I4457ea826e9ade4ec187f973851d855b7b93a31b
1c87e474d87d6d1380fb61d476d606b1a2fda1c1 13-Mar-2015 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> DO NOT MERGE libgui: Remove IGBC::BufferItem

Removes IGraphicBufferConsumer::BufferItem. Depends on the
following changes:

Cherry-pick of Id1fa56d092188f2cb712768d5d2fc6a9027fb73c

Change-Id: I3edf0db8fba656fd78e18a5a7f1137f0fb6b237d
cf3834db104e0b052056e3a06d46e3f222f0d372 11-Mar-2015 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> DO NOT MERGE libgui: Prepare for IGBC::BufferItem removal

Currently, there are two instances of BufferItem: one inside of
IGraphicBufferConsumer, and a standalone one inside of libgui. They
only differ in the name of one of the fields, and we want to remove
the IGBC version. This changes things so that client code may be
incrementally switched over to the libgui version.

This is a squashed commit containing the following changes:

Change-Id: Ic4d51f5df6dbc70b376d13fceba2335b9bae4f3d
82c6bcc9705eabcaf5b9e45bc81867b0e2d61a02 20-Feb-2015 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> DO NOT MERGE Add dataSpace to buffer queues; remove old format enums.

- Wire up new dataSpace parameter through buffer queue stack
- Update tests to include the parameter
- Switch eglApi to using dataSpace to indicate sRGB gamma/linear
- Remove RAW_SENSOR in favor of RAW16
- Remove use of sRGB format enums
- Add default dataspace to buffer queue core
- Add query for default dataspace

Cherry pick of I070bd2e7c56506055c419004c29e2e3feac725df

Change-Id: I461952389c18051176c6b75e664f20ad369f5760
8dc55396fc9bc425b5e2c82e76a38080f2a655ff 04-Nov-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Add a BufferItem parameter to onFrameAvailable

Passes the BufferItem for the queued buffer to the onFrameAvailable
callback so the consumer can track the BufferQueue's contents. Also
adds an onFrameReplaced callback, which is necessary if the consumer
wants to do anything more than simple queue length tracking.

Bug: 18111837
Change-Id: If9d07229c9b586c668e5f99074e9b63b0468feb0
3e96f1982fda358424b0b75f394cbf7c1794a072 03-Mar-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Change BufferQueue into producer/consumer wrapper

Now that BufferQueue has been split into core + producer + consumer,
rewrite BufferQueue to be a thin layer over a producer and consumer
interface. Eventually, this layer will be deprecated in favor of
only using either the producer or consumer interface, as applicable.

Change-Id: I340ae5f5b633b244fb594615ff52ba50b9e2f7e4
289ade165e60b5f71734d30e535f16eb1f4313ad 28-Feb-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Split BufferQueue into core + producer + consumer

Change-Id: Idc39f1e511d68ce4f02202d35425a419bc0bcd92