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e07e3e5ef56b768d73e78fb273f2cfe6ebffc945 15-Mar-2016 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> Revert "Add a callback thread to ConsumerBase"

This reverts commit 22b5702b40eca423171124e69c3d4ad03a3e6900.

Bug 27557176

Change-Id: Icc0e79af82329e6414ed44a99e90631cfcf140fa
22b5702b40eca423171124e69c3d4ad03a3e6900 20-Feb-2016 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> Add a callback thread to ConsumerBase

- Add a message queue and callback thread in ConsumerBase.
- This is used to prevent deadlocks when ConsumerBase calls into
BufferQueueConsumer and that generates a callback.

Bug 27229287

Change-Id: I45c41e5a554555511fcfa5c185a7d60b0d969b7e
b687a2814ca9db576eb1ea33dea90ac35cd61bc1 06-Oct-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> BQ: fix Volantis test failures

The Volantis driver will dequeue a buffer in eglCreateWindowSurface.

- Remove the requirement that no buffers be dequeued when calling
setAsyncMode() on a BufferQueueProducer, since this gets called
from eglSwapInterval.
- Modify the tests to call setMaxDequeuedBufferCount before calling

Change-Id: Icc64e9933f151771bbd57035549cd5928c0b7216
19e3e06e3c65a7c001a6fe0971744ba5ff536515 20-Aug-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> BQ: Modify consumer buffer count interfaces

- Rename setDefaultMaxBufferCount() to setMaxBufferCount(). Modify it
to be hard maximum on the number of buffers that can't be overwritten
by the producer.
- Enforce the maximum buffer count in setMaxAcquiredBufferCount(),
setMaxDequeuedBufferCount(), and setAsyncMode().
- Remove mOverrideMaxBufferCount as it's no longer needed since
overriding is no longer possible.
- Expose setMaxAcquiredBufferCount() in GLConsumer.
- Remove disableAsyncBuffer(), it was only being used for single buffer
mode. Single buffer mode is now achievable with setMaxBufferCount().

Bug 13174928

Change-Id: Ia33799f42751272a711fbd8559f7602ce9f18e4f
d8ead0ccd4b700e43a78efe9b140d4a069dc343d 20-May-2015 Michael Lentine <mlentine@google.com> Fix libgui tests.

Update IGraphicsBufferProducerTest to the new maximum enum value which is now
NATIVE_WINDOW_BUFFER_AGE. Update SurfaceTextureGLToGL_test to use the correct
counts for GraphicsBuffer refs.

Buf: 18138368

Change-Id: Ie2f7e00b414d63100b16944e3ab36b1ffceecd57
cb1fcdedaaf95acabeac6a2d5bff423d6ca62296 03-Dec-2013 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libgui: Split SurfaceTexture tests into more files

Extract the many different test fixtures and suites in SurfaceTexture_test.cpp
into separate files. No real functional changes, just tweaking headers to keep
things building (and adding a few copyright headers I forgot last time).

Change-Id: Id801bd5d617f0cc61d22508fb9b71b41694bdecf