History log of /frameworks/native/services/sensorservice/SensorList.h
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6a2d3a06caa337857cf60cfc70a9a78909ad3608 21-Dec-2015 Peng Xu <pengxu@google.com> Fix sensor uuid, retrofit recent event logger

Fix an issue that causes uuid field not being initialzed in

MostRecentEventLogger in sensorservice is migrated to use RingBuffer
instead of a custom circular buffer. This is expected to improve
readability and maintainability of code.

Dumpsys print format is retouched to offer more information in easier
to read format.

Bug: 28305085

Change-Id: I190e43350b60a22a9fccb92a95d6eab06a471560
755c451c7861a029e26e5f16e319b629169e656d 08-Apr-2016 Peng Xu <pengxu@google.com> sensorservice: switch to use sp<> in sensor list

* Switch to use smart pointer in SensorList to avoid object
life cycle issue.
* Refactor HardwareSensor and various virtual sensor class.
* Change active virtual sensor map into a set of handles.

Change-Id: I674d5eb5c0038179f9ef1b6f0d576b8b605649ec
0cc8f809924706c7d683da30605f432635dd5bb6 06-Apr-2016 Peng Xu <pengxu@google.com> Refactor sensor list in SensorService

Refactor sensor lists management logic in sensorservice:
* Factor all sensor list management code into a separate class.
* Remove error-prone repeated sensor lists.
* Solve synchronization issue when sensor is added or removed during runtime.
* Switch to STL containers.

Bug: b/27911774

Change-Id: I94d5571e1fa3166dbe893ffac2a2a7584be6349c