History log of /frameworks/native/services/surfaceflinger/DisplayHardware/FloatRect.h
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651bf314a6a1a77e4cbb66ffb81221200f918290 24-Oct-2015 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> SF: HWC2 C++ shim

Provides an object-based C++ interface to the HWC 2.0 HAL

Change-Id: Ie1a7bfd2f6faa548bc45da845a4f50f1915b5806
53390e1e8c33ebee5bb8100e846f5263ba05ff73 04-Aug-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> libgui/SF: Fix some code warnings

A couple of fixes to satisfy the Eclipse static code analysis tool.
- Initialize all members in constructors
- Remove unused forward declarations
- Add parentheses when combining logical and bitwise operators
- Fix a case statement with no break (it was intentional)

Change-Id: Icecb8cc98c6f58b97ab33fffb621f0edc33a7d3c
6b44267a3beb457e220cad0666c039d3a765cdb2 10-Jul-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix SF buffer cropping

When a buffer had a crop (meaning its content is scaled to the window size)
and a window crop was defined, the resulting crop couldn't be expressed
properly because h/w composer's API was limited to integers, since
this is fixed in h/w composer 1.3, we take adventage of this to
make sure we get the correct crop.

this bug could result in the buffer being scaled by an incorrect ratio and
be slightly offset; moreover, it would produce different results from the
GL code path, which is always correct.

Change-Id: I8e20e00b6e26177d14f4ab4d2cd581e26c818892