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e2948d83f352b9a093252a06757f76a88f5355d3 25-Feb-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Update to vulkan.h 1.0.3

Change-Id: Ic607533768989aa65e41b9b0e459d7af170ab180
0a402094986739a2ce1942363370f8e097305933 01-Feb-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Document codegen instructions and code style

Change-Id: I7565506a866b72f4ce31ac6bdd3d97e357497ab0
(cherry picked from commit e0d27bb1f3671401c2f6d84a60111f5c695c97d3)
715b86ac7d0853131b375ff786c87d8d87a762a1 17-Jan-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Support VK_EXT_debug_report in loader and nulldrv

* Add extension to vulkan.api.
* Fix a few errors in upstream vk_ext_debug_report.h; bugs filed.
* Loader enumerates extension iff the driver supports it.
- TODO: Also enumerate if any layers that support it are implicitly
- Note extension may still be enabled if any layer supports it.
* Add loader bottom procs for the extension functions. These will call
through to the driver version if the driver supports the extension.
* Add no-op support to nulldrv, mostly for testing the loader.

Change-Id: I092d2da56ee4c64498f8edae75e0d995478bb6f2
(cherry picked from commit a5ef7c27bc85e3628814532a32ffb9a5c33c4b73)
563380d389732337a84e7455caa01ec955ebee30 16-Jan-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Update to version 1.0.1

Change-Id: Ib5d538bbcdf61f96bcfc0270b0e461927dd0b15b
(cherry picked from commit bfdbddcaf74d05966cde0f260a3d7da5a5b2d591)
275d76c8158c90ec5317b82cb10b094bca2b43cf 09-Jan-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Pass vkQueuePresentKHR wait semaphores to vkQueueSignalReleaseImageANDROID

Change-Id: I4073ced5e0e155d424699f636654ec226cd9d91c
(cherry picked from commit 69ce2beade5386111ef85382cc659a439a5a3b44)
3dd678a6a30e2d94bfd570ec43ffd379e9c5d409 09-Jan-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Update from version 0.221.0 to 1.0!

Change-Id: I9453454cc47046ad9f64a72a812a4e5da694c223
(cherry picked from commit 3fc8ed14c5d6890348400bf3e6dab2870b3fbbc5)
f9fa9a50d5e87dacce36ef2a56b392fc053cf8ce 09-Jan-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Update from version 0.210.1 to 0.213.0

Change-Id: I441a2ddf872298a5415b40299fc1143c879c5e86
(cherry picked from commit 842515ca8d8705627e3ce7c196405cac60707629)
1f91d390ac013ea2514a67e12ddb083119d636d7 12-Dec-2015 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Implement new vkGet*ProcAddrBehavior

The primary goal of this change is to switch to the revised GPA
- GIPA(NULL, ..) only works for non-dispatched (global) commands
- GIPA(instance, ..) returns functions for commands that dispatch on any
object type, and the function works for any object of the appropriate
type if it is a child of the instance.
- GDPA(NULL, ..) returns NULL.
- GDPA(device, ..) returns a device-specific function for the command.

This change refactors/tidies many of the things it modified. Some
notable changes:
- All the loader generated code is now in dispatch.tmpl ->
dispatch_gen.{h,cpp}, instead of two separate templates.
- Reorganization allowed generating the dispatch table structures,
eliminating one source of frequent bugs.
- Removes some error-prone macro duplication.
- Handling of extensions and special loader functions is now much
more uniform and hopefully clearer.
- Loader top- and bottom-level functions are now consistently named with
_Top and _Bottom suffixes, and are grouped by level in loader.cpp.
- The VkInstance and VkDevice implementations are no longer derived from
::VkInstance_T and ::VkDevice_T. Was more trouble than it was worth.
- Renamed 'vtbl' to 'dispatch' in most places.
- Renamed nulldrv template and generated files to match the loader
naming pattern: null_driver.tmpl -> null_driver_gen.{h,cpp}
- Now all the entry point prototypes are generated, instead of having
to be updated by hand (another source of several bugs).

Change-Id: Ic263f802d0d523b18a0f00420b3a722aa04ce299
(cherry picked from commit 3cffb8e837222f413a1fe53522e2cc33366b8eeb)