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5030ae34cd5978a8ab8a06f6c3b69b8645873122 01-Nov-2013 Mark Wei <markwei@google.com> Modify ExtendedBitmapDrawable to be more flexible for clients.

Introducing ExtendedOptions:

Clients can now specify the features they want out of a ExtendedBitmapDrawable:
1) Ordered display (decode aggregator)
2) Parallax
3) State changes (placeholder and/or progress bar)

Clients can also specify parameters to those features. These parameters can be
modified and changes take effect immediately.

Change-Id: I15e4f1dbc20473db6798888b07b4bd34c712db21
93a35b93dc582e38ff8ee5979754a16b4bf4da0c 09-Oct-2013 Sam Blitzstein <sblitz@google.com> Initial commit from Gmail's Cache system.

Change-Id: I14168ab3bc02b77399a1812f62bd77ac797232c5