History log of /frameworks/opt/setupwizard/library/self.gradle
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3885d8491a008281d18ddbbabc5b8e26848fadcc 09-Feb-2016 Maurice Lam <yukl@google.com> [SuwLib] Support preference v14

Add SetupWizardPreferenceLayout to support Preference v14 framework.

Bug: 26994868
Change-Id: I3b7a4b57cb4df6c46fdd868357bcbdaad39f1feb
e23a451a802972ad3bf8c2cf3803f222f3c6ac51 19-Aug-2015 Maurice Lam <yukl@google.com> [SuwLib] Output lint in stderr

Put lint output in stderr so that lint errors catched in build server
can be seen.

Also removed the workaround to capture lint output in log since that
issue has been fixed.

Change-Id: I30a5695faa3facdb8986d5a66975c9ea3dc7bf8f
3fa6e08ea0e8b2a9deff3096893cfa49761e2ac7 07-Aug-2015 Maurice Lam <yukl@google.com> [SuwLib] Enable lint for setup wizard library

Fix existing lint issues and enforce lint in all builds done in the
ub-setupwizard-* tree. Lint will not be run or enforced in included
builds (e.g. GMS core builds which builds setup wizard library from
source using build.gradle file)

Change-Id: I7c1f8e2dce38d455ff5b635f80255e09baea1263
a211294e1caba648822d11f8935593b6ca2b9279 06-Aug-2015 Maurice Lam <yukl@google.com> [SuwLib] Generate javadocs

Configure javadocs so that it can be generated with `./gradlew docs`
Split self.gradle from build.gradle, so that self.gradle can be used
to configure tasks only available to a build on ub-setupwizard-*,
while build.gradle will be used for building from source in other
gradle projects (e.g. GMS core).

Bug: 21444334
Change-Id: Icec763ce7dcf8939b7918b580e17ae22353cb38c