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1f6041ddc7658e252797626faae38db759413edc 02-Dec-2015 Pirama Arumuga Nainar <pirama@google.com> Add float16 elements to C++ API

Bug: 25972767

Add float16 elements to C++ API and test the ability to create float16

- Element::F16 and such are accessible to the host-side code
irrespective of the target API level. This is because right now,
target API level seems to be set at runtime instead of compile time.
- We added float16 to RenderScript starting API level 23. Since we
cannot compile RS CPP apps targeting this level, Scripts cannot
manipulate float16 data yet.

Change-Id: I2bfba13fcad1c3aa984e97b44765fd2a57a054ac
(cherry picked from commit 566168431399086c146b2f845f6d0128852c9686)