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c6853892c94800e72c0bd676d5d2136d48cea76e 19-Jul-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Use the documented header filenames

Both Khronos and we say to use < > in our docs

Change-Id: Ibf1d2b83036582a605aa6b9043210c89a4eb0e1e
e629abc58c2acadc7487ea71c1e063f8f8989199 11-Oct-2010 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Fix build warnings

Change-Id: I449da85b97901a632591dd16a52cb924a2722883
c2303eb5497c488db786dcb2b8514db229452536 11-Oct-2010 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Test cleanup

Fix bug in QueryEffect test - was not re-initializing the name length.
Add QueryEffect test for over-writing the name buffer.
Don't create output with VOLUME or NULL interfaces.
Use <stdlib.h> symbolic names for exit codes instead of 0 and 1.
Remove Android-style logging from examples; use only printf.
Remove extra blank lines in test output.
Use <unistd.h> to declare usleep.
Remove obsolete #include statements.
Fix build warnings.

Change-Id: I8d198a317246b3894f104edf7c9f317a51593d07
711332800108ad6e0e594796e5f8db0da3eff402 07-Oct-2010 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> More tests and bug fixes

New tests:
- urimime.c tests audio player with URI data source and MIME data format
- dim.c tests DynamicInterfaceManagement
- engine.c new test cases:
- create more than one engine simultaneously
- exit application without destroying engine first

Bug fixes:
- Can't request SLBufferQueueItf or its alias SLAndroidSimpleBufferQueueItf
if the data source is not a buffer queue.
- BufferQueue interface is explicit on AudioPlayer.
- OutputMixExt is unavailable (internal) on AudioPlayer.
- There was a nested mutex lock when resuming a non-suspended interface.
- This implementation supports at most one engine, so check for that
- Class configuration table had wrong entry for DynamicInterfaceManagement
on 4 of 10 classes.

Restore most of the infrastructure for removing interfaces (code review):
- DynamicInterfaceManagement is included, but body of RemoveInterface is compiled
out, and replaced by FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED until all our deinit hooks are clean.
- Remove hook must be called with mutex locked, rather than unlocked as before.
The remove hook is called during IDynamicInterfaceManagement::RemoveInterface
and Object::Destroy, so the entry conditions must be the same.
- Add NULL remove hooks to the interface hook table.

Change-Id: I328dd254ed24a32b220996a6d9592cc8c0f4e943
- Always memset object to garbage in Object::Destroy to catch broken applications.
- Add comments about how GetInterface manipulates the v-table pointer (code review).
- Re-enable DynamicInterfaceManagement for testing the example code.