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H A DAndroid.mk25 # Find all of the files in the given subdirs that match the
43 ## Find all of the files under the named directories where
46 ## SRC_FILES := $(call all-named-files-under,.*\.h,src tests)
49 define all-named-files-under-exclude
54 ## Find all of the files under the current directory where
59 define all-subdir-named-files-exclude
60 $(call all-named-files-under-exclude,$(1),$(2),.)
65 aidl_files := $(addprefix $(LOCAL_PATH)/, $(call all-subdir-named-files-exclude,*.aidl,I*.aidl))
76 # Build all support libraries
77 include $(call all
H A DAnqpCache.java54 * for the cache, i.e. all APs with identical SSID is considered an ESS,
173 public void clear(boolean all, boolean debug) { argument
174 if (DBG) Log.d(Utils.hs2LogTag(getClass()), "Clearing ANQP cache: all: " + all);
177 if (all) {
H A DAsmGenerator.java250 TreeMap<String, byte[]> all = new TreeMap<>();
258 all.put(name, b);
265 all.put(name, b);
272 all.put(name, b);
278 all.put(entry.getKey(), b);
288 createJar(new FileOutputStream(mOsDestJar), all);
296 * @param all The map of all classes to output.
299 void createJar(FileOutputStream outStream, Map<String,byte[]> all) throws IOException { argument
301 for (Entry<String, byte[]> entry : all
H A DUiSelector.java550 * sibling widgets as well all child widgets under a parent.
903 String dumpToString(boolean all) { argument
980 if (all)
986 if (all)
992 if (all)
998 if (all)
H A DNotificationManagerCompat.java277 /** Cancel all previously shown notifications. */
400 * Queue a new task to be sent to all listeners. This function can be called
503 // Ensure all enabled components have a record in the listener map.
598 // Attempt to flush all items in the task queue.
691 final boolean all; field in class:NotificationManagerCompat.CancelTask
697 this.all = true;
704 this.all = false;
709 if (all) {
721 sb.append(", all:").append(all);
H A DOSUManager.java587 public void tickleIconCache(boolean all) { argument
588 mIconCache.tickle(all);
590 if (all) {
H A DCameraService.cpp725 // Ensure all vendor operations are present
734 // Read all vendor tag definitions into a descriptor
1107 // Get priorites of all active PIDs
1111 // Update all active clients' priorities
1737 // Assume all devices pre-v3.3 are backward-compatible
1829 // Current user has switched, evict all current clients.
1961 // We share the media players for shutter and recording sound for all clients.
2071 // as for legacy apps we will toggle the app op for all packages in the UID.
2392 auto all = getAll(); local
2395 for (auto& i : all) {
H A DWifiConfigManager.java180 * N means that we will make N+1 connection attempts in all.
404 public void trimANQPCache(boolean all) { argument
405 mAnqpCache.clear(all, DBG);
425 * and enable all stored networks in supplicant.
428 if (DBG) log("Loading config and enabling all networks ");
438 * Fetch the list of currently saved networks (i.e. all configured networks, excluding
468 * This function returns all configuration, and is used for debug and creating bug reports.
480 * Fetch the list of currently saved networks (i.e. all configured networks, excluding
489 * Fetch the list of currently saved networks (i.e. all configured networks, excluding
538 * Fetch the preSharedKeys for all network
H A DIntent.java155 * all of the other Intent attributes become optional.</p>
178 * -- Display all pickers for data that can be opened with
225 * Intent against all of the &lt;intent-filter&gt; descriptions in the
250 * <li> <p>The <b>categories</b>, if supplied, must <em>all</em> be listed
376 * <li> <p><b>{ }</b> matches all of the
384 * displays a list of all the notes under
617 * of all possible flags.
761 * Optional but recommended settings for all applications which have settings.
860 * activities a preferred activity, and all possible activities will
1000 * bring up a list of all o
4797 Intent(Intent o, boolean all) argument
H A Ddoclava.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF org/ org/ccil/ org/ccil/cowan/ org/ccil/cowan/tagsoup/ ...
H A DActivityManagerService.java416 // The flags that are set for all calls we make to the package manager.
552 /** Run all ActivityStacks through this */
807 * Last time we requested PSS data of all processes.
835 * Track all uids that have actively running processes.
876 * Keeps track of all IIntentReceivers that have been registered for broadcasts.
920 * State of all active sticky broadcasts per user. Keys are the action of the
921 * sticky Intent, values are an ArrayList of all broadcasted intents with
924 * for stickies that are sent to all users.
961 * When service association tracking is enabled, this is all of the associations we
1142 * List of initialization arguments to pass to all processe
14852 boolean all; field in class:ActivityManagerService.ItemMatcher
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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