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H A DDrawFrameTask.cpp68 int DrawFrameTask::drawFrame(TreeObserver* observer) { function in class:android::uirenderer::renderthread::DrawFrameTask
69 LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF(!mContext, "Cannot drawFrame with no CanvasContext!");
H A DTestWallpaper.java83 drawFrame();
135 drawFrame();
141 drawFrame();
164 drawFrame();
172 drawFrame();
189 drawFrame();
192 void drawFrame() { method in class:TestWallpaper.ClockEngine
H A DFrameSequence_gif.cpp217 long FrameSequenceState_gif::drawFrame(int frameNr, function in class:FrameSequenceState_gif
222 ALOGD("Cannot drawFrame, mGif is NULL");
227 ALOGD(" drawFrame on %p nr %d on addr %p, previous frame nr %d",
H A DFrameSequence_webp.cpp279 long FrameSequenceState_webp::drawFrame(int frameNr, function in class:FrameSequenceState_webp
282 ALOG_ASSERT(demux, "Cannot drawFrame, mDemux is NULL");
285 ALOGD(" drawFrame called for frame# %d, previous frame# %d", frameNr, previousFrameNr);
H A DSurfaceTextureRenderer.java251 private void drawFrame(SurfaceTexture st, int width, int height, int flipType) { method in class:SurfaceTextureRenderer
263 throw new IllegalStateException("Surface abandoned, skipping drawFrame...", e);
748 drawFrame(mSurfaceTexture, holder.width, holder.height,
762 drawFrame(mSurfaceTexture, holder.width, holder.height,
H A DImageWallpaper.java249 drawFrame();
272 drawFrame();
283 drawFrame();
314 drawFrame();
322 void drawFrame() { method in class:ImageWallpaper.DrawableEngine
353 Log.d(TAG, "Suppressed drawFrame since redraw is not needed "
402 Log.d(TAG, "Suppressed drawFrame since the image has not "
499 drawFrame();

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