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H A Ddraw_gl_functor.cpp126 void DestroyGLFunctor(JNIEnv*, jclass, jlong functor) { argument
127 delete reinterpret_cast<DrawGLFunctor*>(functor);
H A DDisplayList.h115 * in sync. This functor, when added to DisplayList, will be call during DisplayList sync.
124 Functor* functor; member in struct:android::uirenderer::FunctorContainer
H A DRecordedOp.h273 FunctorOp(const Matrix4& localMatrix, const ClipBase* localClip, Functor* functor) argument
275 , functor(functor) {}
276 Functor* functor; member in struct:android::uirenderer::FunctorOp
H A DDisplayListCanvas.cpp84 void DisplayListCanvas::callDrawGLFunction(Functor* functor, argument
86 addDrawOp(new (alloc()) DrawFunctorOp(functor));
87 mDisplayList->functors.push_back({functor, listener});
H A DFontRenderer.cpp630 void FontRenderer::initRender(const Rect* clip, Rect* bounds, TextDrawFunctor* functor) { argument
635 mFunctor = functor;
658 Rect* bounds, TextDrawFunctor* functor, bool forceFinish) {
664 initRender(clip, bounds, functor);
676 Rect* bounds, TextDrawFunctor* functor) {
682 initRender(clip, bounds, functor);
656 renderPosText(const SkPaint* paint, const Rect* clip, const glyph_t* glyphs, int numGlyphs, int x, int y, const float* positions, Rect* bounds, TextDrawFunctor* functor, bool forceFinish) argument
674 renderTextOnPath(const SkPaint* paint, const Rect* clip, const glyph_t* glyphs, int numGlyphs, const SkPath* path, float hOffset, float vOffset, Rect* bounds, TextDrawFunctor* functor) argument
H A DRecordingCanvas.cpp597 void RecordingCanvas::callDrawGLFunction(Functor* functor, argument
599 mDisplayList->functors.push_back({functor, listener});
604 functor));
H A DDisplayListOp.h1387 DrawFunctorOp(Functor* functor) argument
1388 : DrawOp(nullptr), mFunctor(functor) {}
1391 renderer.startMark("GL functor");
H A DSkiaCanvas.cpp163 virtual void callDrawGLFunction(Functor* functor,
850 void SkiaCanvas::callDrawGLFunction(Functor* functor, argument
H A DOpenGLRenderer.cpp224 void OpenGLRenderer::callDrawGLFunction(Functor* functor, Rect& dirty) { argument
230 // Since we don't know what the functor will draw, let's dirty
247 // setup GL state for functor
255 mRenderState.invokeFunctor(functor, DrawGlInfo::kModeDraw, &info);
2157 TextDrawFunctor functor(nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, x, y, pureTranslate, alpha, mode, paint);
2159 TextDrawFunctor functor(this, x, y, pureTranslate, alpha, mode, paint);
2168 positions, hasActiveLayer ? &layerBounds : nullptr, &functor, forceFinish);
2171 positions, hasActiveLayer ? &layerBounds : nullptr, &functor, forceFinish);
2201 TextDrawFunctor functor(nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, 0.0f, 0.0f, false, alpha, mode, paint);
2203 TextDrawFunctor functor(thi
H A DRenderState.cpp162 void RenderState::invokeFunctor(Functor* functor, DrawGlInfo::Mode mode, DrawGlInfo* info) { argument
166 (*functor)(mode, info);
169 (*functor)(mode, info);
H A Dandroid_view_DisplayListCanvas.cpp81 virtual void onGlFunctorReleased(Functor* functor) override {
107 Functor* functor = reinterpret_cast<Functor*>(functorPtr); local
112 canvas->callDrawGLFunction(functor, bridge.get());
H A Dandroid_view_RenderNode.cpp576 auto functor = std::bind( local
582 info.canvasContext.enqueueFrameWork(std::move(functor));
589 auto functor = std::bind( local
593 info->canvasContext.enqueueFrameWork(std::move(functor));
H A Dandroid_view_ThreadedRenderer.cpp533 Functor* functor = reinterpret_cast<Functor*>(functorPtr); local
534 RenderProxy::invokeFunctor(functor, waitForCompletion);
H A DJobStore.java204 * Iterate over the set of all jobs, invoking the supplied functor on each. This is for
209 public void forEachJob(JobStatusFunctor functor) { argument
210 mJobSet.forEachJob(functor);
213 public void forEachJob(int uid, JobStatusFunctor functor) { argument
214 mJobSet.forEachJob(uid, functor);
889 public void forEachJob(JobStatusFunctor functor) { argument
893 functor.process(jobs.valueAt(i));
898 public void forEachJob(int uid, JobStatusFunctor functor) { argument
902 functor.process(jobs.valueAt(i));
H A Dlayers_extensions.cpp323 void ForEachFileInDir(const std::string& dirname, Functor functor) { argument
338 functor(entry->d_name);
344 Functor functor) {
377 functor(filename);
384 void ForEachFileInPath(const std::string& path, Functor functor) { argument
387 ForEachFileInDir(path, functor);
390 functor);
342 ForEachFileInZip(const std::string& zipname, const std::string& dir_in_zip, Functor functor) argument
H A DCanvasContext.cpp577 void CanvasContext::invokeFunctor(RenderThread& thread, Functor* functor) { argument
584 thread.renderState().invokeFunctor(functor, mode, nullptr);
H A DRenderProxy.cpp249 CREATE_BRIDGE2(invokeFunctor, RenderThread* thread, Functor* functor) { argument
250 CanvasContext::invokeFunctor(*args->thread, args->functor);
254 void RenderProxy::invokeFunctor(Functor* functor, bool waitForCompletion) { argument
259 args->functor = functor;
H A DThreadedRenderer.java802 static void invokeFunctor(long functor, boolean waitForCompletion) { argument
803 nInvokeFunctor(functor, waitForCompletion);
996 private static native void nInvokeFunctor(long functor, boolean waitForCompletion); argument
H A DViewRootImpl.java793 public void detachFunctor(long functor) { argument
802 * Schedules the functor for execution in either kModeProcess or
805 * @param functor The native functor to invoke
806 * @param waitForCompletion If true, this will not return until the functor
807 * has invoked. If false, the functor may be invoked
810 public static void invokeFunctor(long functor, boolean waitForCompletion) { argument
811 ThreadedRenderer.invokeFunctor(functor, waitForCompletion);
H A DPackageManagerService.java17119 * it to a caller-supplied functor to be applied to the running system.
17122 String expectedStartTag, BlobXmlRestorer functor)
17146 Slog.v(TAG, ":: stepped forward, applying functor at tag " + parser.getName());
17147 functor.apply(parser, userId);
17121 restoreFromXml(XmlPullParser parser, int userId, String expectedStartTag, BlobXmlRestorer functor) argument

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