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H A DVerifierDeviceIdentity.java76 public static VerifierDeviceIdentity generate() { method in class:VerifierDeviceIdentity
78 return generate(sr);
89 static VerifierDeviceIdentity generate(Random rng) { method in class:VerifierDeviceIdentity
H A DRuleGenerator.cpp98 sp<Rule> RuleGenerator::generate(const SortedVector<SplitDescription>& group, size_t index) { function in class:split::RuleGenerator
H A DMain.cpp41 "split-select --generate --base <path/to/apk> [--split <path/to/apk> [...]]\n"
45 " --generate Generates the logic for selecting the Split APK, in JSON format.\n"
60 " Using the flag --generate will emit a JSON encoded tree of rules that must be satisfied in order\n"
71 void generate(const KeyedVector<String8, Vector<SplitDescription> >& splits, const String8& base) { function in namespace:split
284 } else if (arg == "--generate") {
367 generate(apkPathSplitMap, baseApkPath);
H A DAsmGenerator.java84 * Creates a new generator that can generate the output JAR with the stubbed classes.
249 public void generate() throws IOException { method in class:AsmGenerator
H A DPathCache.cpp429 bool generate = false; local
431 generate = true;
434 if (generate) {
H A DJavaClassGenerator.cpp484 bool JavaClassGenerator::generate(const StringPiece16& packageNameToGenerate, std::ostream* out) { function in class:aapt::JavaClassGenerator
485 return generate(packageNameToGenerate, packageNameToGenerate, out);
497 bool JavaClassGenerator::generate(const StringPiece16& packageNameToGenerate, function in class:aapt::JavaClassGenerator
H A DKeyStore.java79 // Flags for "put" "import" and "generate"
296 public boolean generate(String key, int uid, int keyType, int keySize, int flags, method in class:KeyStore
299 return mBinder.generate(key, uid, keyType, keySize, flags,
H A DPalette.java63 * Palette p = Palette.from(bitmap).generate();
66 * Palette.from(bitmap).generate(new PaletteAsyncListener() {
109 return new Builder(swatches).generate();
113 * @deprecated Use {@link Builder} to generate the Palette.
116 public static Palette generate(Bitmap bitmap) { method in class:Palette
117 return from(bitmap).generate();
121 * @deprecated Use {@link Builder} to generate the Palette.
124 public static Palette generate(Bitmap bitmap, int numColors) { method in class:Palette
125 return from(bitmap).maximumColorCount(numColors).generate();
129 * @deprecated Use {@link Builder} to generate th
326 private void generate() { method in class:Palette
755 public Palette generate() { method in class:Palette.Builder
825 public AsyncTask<Bitmap, Void, Palette> generate(final PaletteAsyncListener listener) { method in class:Palette.Builder
H A DApfGenerator.java26 * {@link generate} to get the APF bytecode for the program.
32 * This exception is thrown when an attempt is made to generate an illegal instruction.
109 // Offset in bytes from the begining of this program. Set by {@link ApfGenerator#generate}.
149 mTargetLabelSize = 4; // May shrink later on in generate().
233 void generate(byte[] bytecode) throws IllegalInstructionException { method in class:ApfGenerator.Instruction
365 * Set version of APF instruction set to generate instructions for. Returns {@code true}
835 * Returns an overestimate of the size of the generated program. {@link #generate} may return
847 public byte[] generate() throws IllegalInstructionException { method in class:ApfGenerator
848 // Enforce that we can only generate once because we cannot unshrink instructions and
852 throw new IllegalStateException("Can only generate() onc
H A DStaticLayout.java519 generate(b, b.mIncludePad, b.mIncludePad);
561 generate(b, b.mIncludePad, b.mIncludePad);
564 /* package */ void generate(Builder b, boolean includepad, boolean trackpad) { method in class:StaticLayout
H A Dslang_rs_reflection.cpp85 void generate();
379 /********************** Methods to generate script class **********************/
1910 // We only generate getFieldID_*() for non-Pointer (bind) types.
1922 /******************* Methods to generate script class /end *******************/
2110 /********************** Methods to generate type class **********************/
2205 builder.generate();
2457 /******************** Methods to generate type class /end ********************/
2475 void RSReflectionJavaElementBuilder::generate() { function in class:slang::RSReflectionJavaElementBuilder
2541 builder.generate();
2589 builder.generate();
H A DViewRootImpl.java148 * Maximum time we allow the user to roll the trackball enough to generate
4634 // the DPAD. When we generate DPAD events for one axis, then the
4642 movement = mX.generate();
4650 movement = mY.generate();
4822 int generate() { method in class:ViewRootImpl.TrackballAxis
4851 // After the first two, we generate discrete movements
H A DPackageManagerService.java6659 // TODO: generate idmap for split APKs
6663 Slog.e(TAG, "Failed to generate idmap for " + pkg.baseCodePath + " and "
10427 public Iterator<E> generate(ActivityIntentInfo info) { method in class:PackageManagerService.ActivityIntentResolver.IterGenerator
10434 public Iterator<String> generate(ActivityIntentInfo info) { method in class:PackageManagerService.ActivityIntentResolver.ActionIterGenerator
10441 public Iterator<String> generate(ActivityIntentInfo info) { method in class:PackageManagerService.ActivityIntentResolver.CategoriesIterGenerator
10448 public Iterator<String> generate(ActivityIntentInfo info) { method in class:PackageManagerService.ActivityIntentResolver.SchemesIterGenerator
10455 public Iterator<IntentFilter.AuthorityEntry> generate(ActivityIntentInfo info) { method in class:PackageManagerService.ActivityIntentResolver.AuthoritiesIterGenerator
10483 final Iterator<T> intentSelectionIter = generator.generate(intentInfo);
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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