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H A DFontFamily_Delegate.java175 public Font getFont(int desiredWeight, boolean isItalic) { method in class:FontFamily_Delegate
208 * {@link #getFont(int, boolean)} returns an empty list, it means that an error occurred while
H A DFontFamily.cpp154 MinikinFont* FontFamily::getFont(size_t index) const { function in class:android::FontFamily
H A DLayout.cpp930 MinikinFont* Layout::getFont(int i) const { function in class:android::Layout
H A DrsContext.h152 Font * getFont() {return mFont.get();} function in class:android::renderscript::Context
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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