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H A Dmat_test.cpp99 const mat4 identity; local
107 EXPECT_EQ(identity, m0);
111 const mat4 identity; local
121 EXPECT_EQ(identity, inverse(identity));
136 EXPECT_EQ(m1, m1*identity);
H A DPskKeyManager.java45 * handshake the server can provide a <em>PSK identity hint</em> to the client, and the client can
46 * provide a <em>PSK identity</em> to the server. The contents of these two pieces of information
49 * <p><em>NOTE: Both the PSK identity hint and the PSK identity are transmitted in cleartext.
57 * <li>Server replies, optionally providing a PSK identity hint to client.</li>
59 * <li>Client provides a PSK identity of the chosen key to server.</li>
65 * know the key to learn which PSK identity hints or PSK identities are supported. If this is a
68 * where a key is available -- making it appear to the attacker that all PSK identity hints and PSK
76 * <li>128 bytes for PSK identity and PSK identity hin
203 getKey(String identityHint, String identity, Socket socket) argument
221 getKey(String identityHint, String identity, SSLEngine engine) argument
H A DBatteryService.cpp66 int64_t identity = IPCThreadState::self()->clearCallingIdentity(); local
68 IPCThreadState::self()->restoreCallingIdentity(identity);
75 int64_t identity = IPCThreadState::self()->clearCallingIdentity(); local
77 IPCThreadState::self()->restoreCallingIdentity(identity);
85 int64_t identity = IPCThreadState::self()->clearCallingIdentity(); local
94 IPCThreadState::self()->restoreCallingIdentity(identity);
H A DDaltonizer.cpp138 const mat4 identity; local
148 // set to identity, errp, errd, errt ([0] for simulation only)
H A DVerifierDeviceIdentity.java27 * An identity that uniquely identifies a particular device. In this
28 * implementation, the identity is represented as a 64-bit integer encoded to a
54 * Create a verifier device identity from a long.
56 * @param identity device identity in a 64-bit integer.
59 public VerifierDeviceIdentity(long identity) { argument
60 mIdentity = identity;
61 mIdentityString = encodeBase32(identity);
65 final long identity = source.readLong();
67 mIdentity = identity;
H A DDescription.cpp86 const mat4 identity; local
88 mColorMatrixEnabled = (mtx != identity);
H A DWifiConfigurationHelper.java112 * @param identity The identity or null
113 * @param anonymousIdentity The anonymous identity or null
119 Integer phase2, String identity, String anonymousIdentity, String caCert,
129 if (identity == null) identity = "";
137 config.enterpriseConfig.setIdentity(identity);
162 * "identity", "ananymous_identity", "ca_cert", and "client_cert" are also required. Lastly,
216 String identity = null;
217 if (jsonConfig.has("identity")) {
118 createEapConfig(String ssid, String password, int eapMethod, Integer phase2, String identity, String anonymousIdentity, String caCert, String clientCert) argument
H A DRenderers.cpp78 float identity[16] = { local
109 glUniformMatrix4fv(mObjToNdcUniformLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, identity);
110 glUniformMatrix4fv(mUVToInterpUniformLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, identity);
H A DMatrix.cpp40 const Matrix4& Matrix4::identity() { function in class:android::uirenderer::Matrix4
222 // A "pure translate" matrix can be identity or translation
H A DWifiEnterpriseConfig.java52 public static final String IDENTITY_KEY = "identity";
497 * Set the identity
498 * @param identity
500 public void setIdentity(String identity) { argument
501 setFieldValue(IDENTITY_KEY, identity, "");
505 * Get the identity
506 * @return the identity
513 * Set anonymous identity. This is used as the unencrypted identity with
515 * @param anonymousIdentity the anonymous identity
H A DWifiConfigManagerTest.java831 assertEquals(eapConfig.identity,
925 public String identity; field in class:WifiConfigManagerTest.EnterpriseConfig
940 public EnterpriseConfig setIdentity(String identity, String password) { argument
941 enterpriseConfig.setIdentity(identity);
943 this.identity = identity;
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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