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H A DLocalTestService.java4 void terminate() { method in class:LocalTestService
H A DTestService.java217 terminate();
230 void terminate() { method in class:TestService
H A DAssetAtlas.cpp48 terminate();
52 void AssetAtlas::terminate() { function in class:android::uirenderer::AssetAtlas
H A DCaches.cpp105 void Caches::terminate() { function in class:android::uirenderer::Caches
H A Degl_object.cpp44 void egl_object_t::terminate() { function in class:android::egl_object_t
49 ALOGE("egl_object_t::terminate() removed the last reference!");
97 void egl_surface_t::terminate() { function in class:android::egl_surface_t
99 egl_object_t::terminate();
H A Degl_cache.cpp128 void egl_cache_t::terminate() { function in class:egl_cache_t
H A Degl_display.cpp64 egl_cache_t::get()->terminate();
228 EGLBoolean egl_display_t::terminate() { function in class:android::egl_display_t
H A Degl_object.h48 virtual void terminate();
81 void terminate();
119 void egl_object_t::LocalRef<N,T>::terminate() { function in class:android::egl_object_t::LocalRef
121 ref->terminate();
130 void terminate() override;
H A DDrmEngineBase.cpp47 status_t DrmEngineBase::terminate(int uniqueId) { function in class:DrmEngineBase
H A DTrackBase.h128 void terminate() { function in class:TrackBase
H A DVCardComposer.java83 * composer.terminate();
153 * {@link #terminate()} is called. Initially set to true.
622 public void terminate() { method in class:VCardComposer
642 Log.e(LOG_TAG, "finalized() is called before terminate() being called");
652 * or when {@link #terminate()} is already called).
H A DImsCallSession.java726 public void terminate(int reason) { method in class:ImsCallSession
732 miSession.terminate(reason);
952 * Notifies the result of the basic session operation (setup / terminate).
H A DImsCall.java516 * If {@code true}, this flag indicates that a request to terminate the call was made by
1109 * @param reason reason code to terminate a call
1110 * @throws ImsException if the IMS service fails to terminate the call
1112 public void terminate(int reason) throws ImsException { method in class:ImsCall
1113 logi("terminate :: reason=" + reason);
1136 // processing but we should probably cancel that and just terminate
1140 mSession.terminate(reason);
1975 logi("notifySessionTerminatedDuringMerge ::reporting terminate during merge");
3031 * means that we have received terminate or hold signals for the sessions, indicating that they
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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