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H A DConsumerIrManager.java76 * @param pattern The alternating on/off pattern in microseconds to transmit.
78 public void transmit(int carrierFrequency, int[] pattern) { method in class:ConsumerIrManager
80 Log.w(TAG, "failed to transmit; no consumer ir service.");
85 mService.transmit(mPackageName, carrierFrequency, pattern);
93 * infrared transmitter can transmit
H A DConsumerIrService.java71 public void transmit(String packageName, int carrierFrequency, int[] pattern) { method in class:ConsumerIrService
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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