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H A DDeferredDisplayList.h46 class MergingDrawBatch;
171 * MergingDrawBatch of that id. These ids are unique per draw type and guaranteed to not
H A DDeferredDisplayList.cpp148 class MergingDrawBatch : public DrawBatch { class in namespace:android::uirenderer
150 MergingDrawBatch(DeferInfo& deferInfo, int width, int height) : function in class:android::uirenderer::MergingDrawBatch
155 * Helper for determining if a new op can merge with a MergingDrawBatch based on their bounds
256 DEFER_LOGD("%d replaying MergingDrawBatch %p, with %d ops,"
548 if (!((MergingDrawBatch*) targetBatch)->canMergeWith(op, state)) {
589 targetBatch = new MergingDrawBatch(deferInfo,
H A DDisplayListOp.h112 friend class MergingDrawBatch;
140 * Currently guarantees certain similarities between ops (see MergingDrawBatch::canMergeWith),
689 // MergingDrawBatch::canMergeWith()

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