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H A DUsage.cpp17 #include "Usage.h"
24 Usage::Usage(const string &mappingValue, function in class:Usage
43 bool Usage::sendToHW(string & /*error*/)
H A DUsage.h27 class Usage : public CFormattedSubsystemObject class in inherits:CFormattedSubsystemObject
30 Usage(const std::string &mappingValue,
H A DAndroid.mk14 Usage.cpp
H A DPolicySubsystem.cpp23 #include "Usage.h"
41 const char *const PolicySubsystem::mUsageComponentName = "Usage";
76 new TSubsystemObjectFactory<Usage>(
H A DUsage.h83 typedef Element<audio_usage_t> Usage; typedef in namespace:android::audio_policy
H A Dengage_toc.cs5 <span class="en">Increase Usage through Intents</span></a>
23 <span class="en">Drive Usage with Search</span></a>
H A DAndroid.mk15 src/Usage.cpp \
H A Dtest.py185 def Usage(): function
187 print ('Usage: %s [OPTION]... [TESTNAME]...'
207 Usage()

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