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H A Dclone.cpp36 extern "C" pid_t __bionic_clone(uint32_t flags, void* child_stack, int* parent_tid, void* tls, int* child_tid, int (*fn)(void*), void* arg);
45 int clone(int (*fn)(void*), void* child_stack, int flags, void* arg, ...) { argument
64 // Align 'child_stack' to 16 bytes.
65 uintptr_t child_stack_addr = reinterpret_cast<uintptr_t>(child_stack);
67 child_stack = reinterpret_cast<void*>(child_stack_addr);
74 int clone_result = __bionic_clone(flags, child_stack, parent_tid, new_tls, child_tid, fn, arg);
H A Dpthread_create.cpp142 static int __allocate_thread(pthread_attr_t* attr, pthread_internal_t** threadp, void** child_stack) { argument
183 *child_stack = stack_top;
227 void* child_stack = NULL; local
228 int result = __allocate_thread(&thread_attr, &thread, &child_stack);
257 int rc = clone(__pthread_start, child_stack, flags, thread, &(thread->tid), tls, &(thread->tid));
H A D__bionic_clone.S3 // pid_t __bionic_clone(int flags, void* child_stack, pid_t* parent_tid, void* tls, pid_t* child_tid, int (*fn)(void*), void* arg);
17 movl 20(%esp), %ecx # child_stack
H A Dsched_test.cpp31 void* child_stack[1024]; local
34 pid_t tid = clone(child_fn, &child_stack[1024], CLONE_VM, &i);
H A Dunistd_test.cpp452 void* child_stack[1024]; local
453 int clone_result = clone(GetPidCachingCloneStartRoutine, &child_stack[1024], CLONE_NEWNS | SIGCHLD, NULL);

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