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H A DCalendarContract.java117 * Input: {@link Intent#getData} has the event URI. The extra
166 * An optional insert, update or delete URI parameter that allows the caller
1252 * The URI used by the custom app for the event. Column name.
1643 * The content:// style URI for recurring event exceptions. Insertions require an
1891 * The URI to use for retrieving the properties from the Calendar db.
1893 public static final Uri URI = field in class:CalendarContract.CalendarCache
2247 * This URI is for grouping the query results by event_id and begin
2567 * The content:// style URI for this table
H A DRemoteViews.java1183 static final int URI = 11; field in class:RemoteViews.ReflectionAction
1246 case URI:
1322 case URI:
1382 case URI:
3041 addAction(new ReflectionAction(viewId, methodName, ReflectionAction.URI, value));
H A DSinkActivity.java60 private static final String URI = ""; field in class:SinkActivity
253 sendString(conn, UsbAccessoryConstants.ACCESSORY_STRING_URI, URI);
H A DBaseEmailAddressAdapter.java127 public static final Uri URI = field in class:BaseEmailAddressAdapter.DirectoryListQuery
169 DirectoryListQuery.URI, DirectoryListQuery.PROJECTION, null, null, null);
H A DBaseRecipientAdapter.java119 public static final Uri URI = field in class:BaseRecipientAdapter.DirectoryListQuery
377 DirectoryListQuery.URI, DirectoryListQuery.PROJECTION,
H A DPhotoContract.java30 public static final String URI = "uri"; field in interface:PhotoContract.PhotoViewColumns
61 PhotoViewColumns.URI,
H A Djsilver.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF org/ org/clearsilver/ org/clearsilver/DelegatedHdf.class DelegatedHdf. ...
H A DOpenMAXAL.h473 XAchar * URI; member in struct:XADataLocator_URI_
H A DOpenSLES.h258 /** URI-based data locator definition where locatorType must be SL_DATALOCATOR_URI*/
261 SLchar * URI; member in struct:SLDataLocator_URI_

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