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H A DGcSnapshot.java72 private Area mClip = null; field in class:GcSnapshot
402 // Set the current transform and clip which can either come from mTransform/mClip if they
411 // reset mClip in case there was one.
412 mClip = null;
518 mClip = area;
520 mClip = new Area();
523 return mClip.getBounds().isEmpty() == false;
539 return mClip;
H A DDeferredDisplayList.h57 Rect mClip; member in class:android::uirenderer::DeferredDisplayState
H A DFontRenderer.h194 const Rect* mClip; member in class:android::uirenderer::FontRenderer
H A DColorConverter.h63 uint8_t *mClip; member in struct:android::ColorConverter

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