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H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...
H A DNativeInterpolatorFactoryHelper_Delegate.java77 /*package*/ static long createCycleInterpolator(float cycles) { argument
78 return sManager.addNewDelegate(new CycleInterpolator(cycles));
H A DInterpolator.h76 CycleInterpolator(float cycles) : mCycles(cycles) {} argument
H A DNativeInterpolatorFactoryHelper.java31 public static native long createCycleInterpolator(float cycles); argument
H A Dcom_android_internal_view_animation_NativeInterpolatorFactoryHelper.cpp49 static jlong createCycleInterpolator(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz, jfloat cycles) { argument
50 return reinterpret_cast<jlong>(new CycleInterpolator(cycles));
H A DCycleInterpolator.java31 * Repeats the animation for a specified number of cycles. The
37 public CycleInterpolator(float cycles) { argument
38 mCycles = cycles;
H A DThreads.cpp329 CentralTendencyStatistics mHzStats; // statistics on thread CPU usage in cycles
368 // ignore sample for purposes of cycles
374 double cycles = wcNs * cpukHz * 0.000001; local
375 mHzStats.sample(cycles);
3507 // When it wakes up after a maximum latency, it runs a few cycles quickly before

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