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H A DRenderNode.cpp230 void RenderNode::prepareTree(TreeInfo& info) { function in class:android::uirenderer::RenderNode
H A DRenderNode.h198 ANDROID_API virtual void prepareTree(TreeInfo& info);
350 // Owned by RT. Lifecycle is managed by prepareTree(), with the exception
H A DCanvasContext.cpp201 void CanvasContext::prepareTree(TreeInfo& info, int64_t* uiFrameInfo, function in class:android::uirenderer::renderthread::CanvasContext
227 node->prepareTree(info);
571 prepareTree(info, frameInfo, systemTime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC), node);
624 node->prepareTree(info);
H A DCanvasContext.h93 void prepareTree(TreeInfo& info, int64_t* uiFrameInfo,
H A DDrawFrameTask.cpp125 mContext->prepareTree(info, mFrameInfo, mSyncQueued, mTargetNode);
127 // This is after the prepareTree so that any pending operations
H A Dandroid_view_ThreadedRenderer.cpp161 virtual void prepareTree(TreeInfo& info) override {
167 RenderNode::prepareTree(info);

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