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H A DLauncherApps.java286 public ShortcutQuery setPackage(@Nullable String packageName) { method in class:LauncherApps.ShortcutQuery
293 * a package name must also be set with {@link #setPackage}.
543 q.setPackage(packageName);
590 q.setPackage(packageName);
H A DAaptAssets.h519 void setPackage(const String8& package) { function in class:AaptAssets
H A DIntent.java5639 intent.setPackage(str);
5773 baseIntent.setPackage(arg);
6607 * @see #setPackage
7022 * <p>You can not use both a selector and {@link #setPackage(String)} on
7914 public Intent setPackage(String packageName) { method in class:Intent
8097 * <li> package, as set by {@link #setPackage}.
H A Ddoclava.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF org/ org/ccil/ org/ccil/cowan/ org/ccil/cowan/tagsoup/ ...

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