History log of /frameworks/av/camera/camera2/OutputConfiguration.cpp
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032845cc878f538e3336c96e1c24668953eab971 09-Feb-2017 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fallout of view::Surface / Surface split

Test: built and booted device
Bug: treble
Change-Id: I022ebb581563463e93935da61a113087043dfeca
758c215374dba397dabe17b8e96dd38593c09dd7 11-Jan-2017 Shuzhen Wang <shuzhenwang@google.com> Camera: Combine handling of deferred surface and shared surface

- Refactor the OutputConfiguration to contain isDeferred and isShared
flag, and not contain NULL surface.
- Unify the handling of deferred surface and shared surface.

Test: Camera CTS, and manual testing of GoogleCamera use cases
Bug: 33777818
Change-Id: I5dd3472f0f2133699b0e9fbdd8ba456956222746
addae1cfa92c3bae2b59917160da5520d2a25865 18-Jan-2017 TreeHugger Robot <treehugger-gerrit@google.com> Merge "camera2: Add support for secondary surface for stream"
f675356f9e275b9a52101a997ad20404922b5147 11-Oct-2016 Brian Anderson <brianderson@google.com> Clean up Fence a little.

Test: No functional change.

Change-Id: Ie0836b4bd589cbadf219d893b44f82f70a051174
0129d52df9794d6fdf06be304722b5cb51a2eab5 31-Oct-2016 Shuzhen Wang <shuzhenwang@google.com> camera2: Add support for secondary surface for stream

- Enhance OutputConfiguration to contain multiple surfaces for one
underlying stream.
- Create Camera3SharedOutputStream to handle streams with multiple
- Create Camera3StreamSplitter to handle buffer flows between camera and
multiple consumers.

Test: cts, and manually test camera preview/snapshot/recording
Bug: 33777818
Change-Id: Ia010c3cc9d9b4bd5b9ea03cc42fe4e0a0d8033f1
f51fca277eb5b86bd0b2e3fc90ecb2b63089de29 13-Dec-2016 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera service: Updates in preparation for HIDL

- For all camera2 paths, and anything shared between the legacy API and
camera2, switch to using strings for camera IDs
- Update ICameraService.addListener to return current set of known
devices and their status, to allow for immediate return of camera
devices when first connecting to camera service
- Remove unused code path for getCameraCharacteristics with HALv1
- Add namespace qualifiers to Binder objects that are also used by
hardware binder.
- Switch to using new HIDL DeviceStatus and TorchStatus enumerations
for better type safety in the service; map more clearly between
the HAL, service-internal, and Binder enums.

Test: cts-tradefed run cts -m Camera --skip-connectivity-check -d -o --abi armeabi-v7a --disable-reboot
Bug: 32991422
Change-Id: I765951d9a21000a8432bed9aa0e3604709daa4b1
5d677d1f0879d5101e38df480a38228a64d63959 30-May-2016 Zhijun He <zhijunhe@google.com> Camera3: add deferred surface support

Initial native implementation and aidl changes for surfaceless support.

Bug: 28323863
Change-Id: Id6634c3ef2ecc84422a88f63de0a19a0cb496e96
02bf03287652923b5bb5316667b065423565d6b4 18-Feb-2016 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera: Clean up warnings and set -Werror

- Also fix error logging template inconsistency
- Also add a few error handling cases into camera2 NDK
to deal with previously-ignored error codes

Bug: 27149500
Change-Id: I8f1f4c72252dd48d652f24b595b642199f20c327
d56db1d2bee182d1851097a9c712712fc094d117 18-Dec-2015 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera: Switch camera2 to auto-gen C++ binder interfaces

- Move camera service AIDL files to frameworks/av
- Build C++ interface stubs with AIDL tools
- Add necessary native-side parcelables and update existing ones
- Remove manually-written stubs, rearrange remaining manual stubs
- Adjust implementations to work with auto-generated stubs
- Adjust method signatures for auto-gen differences
- Add rich error messages using binder::Status

Bug: 25091611
Change-Id: I6f69f34b9d1a3f8d1fb7db87357363f8fa8483ff
018107a82d80f186d3efca250e38e9c85436a4d9 19-Jan-2016 Zhijun He <zhijunhe@google.com> camera: Add surface set ID to OutputConfiguration

Bug: 25088440
Change-Id: I95153522b8b1f3ec4c98800b94a95fe7782c9205
3450ba7879be6522ea46a56c5e66e5382f5dd5ba 16-Jun-2015 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera2: Fix native binder interface and add tests.

- Add CameraBinderTests for limited coverage of native
camera2 binder interfaces for the camera service.
- Fix several bugs in the native binder interfaces.

Bug: 18468810
Change-Id: Iab2d81a5cacd20daf7454aeeed033cc13d88452c
b97babb8c08969b55af3b6456d15f764c8873d3f 12-Mar-2015 Yin-Chia Yeh <yinchiayeh@google.com> Camera: plumbing rotation field through

Change-Id: I0f4343a0bfa7bf09ba887c78a1da1c08daa35333