History log of /frameworks/av/drm/mediacas/plugins/mock/MockCasPlugin.cpp
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a78c1cc9773532b1f9d066ed8fa0d9414c1bb8bb 01-Apr-2017 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCas: combine openSession methods

Combine the two openSession methods into one that doesn't take any
arguments. This gives the client more flexibility on creating
sessions efficiently. They can better decide whether to share one
session for multiple streams, or create one session per stream.

bug: 22804304

Change-Id: I9634f4dd4fc437229068103b54555cc28a818937
791a1a206b56be8601a6fffd2614926e67d64790 03-Jan-2017 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCas: add two sets of test plugins

- MockCasPlugin: does nothing other than API logging

- ClearKeyCasPlugin: implement a clear key CAS that carries content
keys in the clear in ECMs. It initializes from a test asset string
with a valid id. It outputs to clear buffers.

bug: 22804304
Change-Id: Ifc70b86c1ec80a45b75c7bdd1e558a59018ace5a