History log of /frameworks/av/drm/mediadrm/plugins/clearkey/Session.cpp
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01a977aa75c296c5467024a7beac50cbd4ed0335 11-Aug-2016 Edwin Wong <edwinwong@google.com> Fix AMediaDrm_getKeyRequest which fails clearkey InitDataParser::parse test.

AMediaDrm_getKeyRequest() passes mimeType to drm plugin's getKeyRequest()
based on the UUID. If the drm scheme is clearkey UUID, clearkey plugin will
return ERROR_DRM_CANNOT_HANDLE because it is expecting initDataType
(e.g. "cenc") instead of mimeType (e.g. "video/mp4").

Replace initDataType parameter in clearkey DrmPlugin::getKeyRequest() with

bug: 30790899
Change-Id: I60c77c458d8d836d3eb2f9f52296a86efa73a4eb
1fe11a5d1b7932a8a4a4e6e8cf1aedd21fcdb3aa 14-May-2014 John "Juce" Bruce <juce@google.com> ClearKey Implementation of DRM Plugin APIs

Adds shared-object entry points and interface implementations that
implement the Android ClearKey DRM Plugin API.

Change-Id: Ie889747492cf85efe883149833105538faaa4cfe