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43fb79ad6ffecb86d5041afd8c06b764fb6f934f 06-Apr-2017 Lajos Molnar <lajos@google.com> stagefright: Rework GraphicBufferSource - step 1

- Abstract buffer reference counting so that it does not intimately
assume a BufferQueue. Move releasing acquired buffers into a
callback as this is BQ specific. Having vectors for slots is also
BQ specific.

Use shared, copiable objects to manage buffers and their lifecycles:

CachedBuffer: a cached buffer in a slot

AcquiredBuffer: a buffer acquired from the producer that will
need to be released (and will get released when all copies of
this object go out of scope)

VideoBuffer: an acquired buffer with metadata

- Rename variables to be more descriptive.

- Move associated methods and variables closer together.

- Document methods and some of the operations of GraphicBufferSource.

Bug: 37110143
Change-Id: Iea5e7a376eba2bdd41624a7ddbe1d94c3d0e7b68
e2b43843fd12783188edd2c54188ea8d26864788 02-Feb-2017 Vijay Venkatraman <vijaykv@google.com> Moved headers from include/ to appropriate libs

include/camera -> camera/include/camera
include/media/audiohal -> media/libaudiohal/include
include/media/AudioResampler*.h -> media/libaudioprocessing/include
include/media/Audio*.h,IAudio*.h,IEffect*.h,ToneGenerator.h -> media/libaudioclient/include
include/media/EffectsFactoryApi.h -> media/libeffects/include
include/media/stagefright -> media/libstagefright/include
include/media/nbaio -> media/libnbaio/include
include/media/<rest of files> -> media/libmedia/include
include/cpustats -> media/libcpustats/include/cpustats

Added symlinks from old location to new ones

Bug: 33241851

Test: VNDK linked modules will need to add explicit lib dep.
All other modules should compile the same

Change-Id: I0ecf754a2132640ae781a3cc31428fb8c0bd1669